Dispose of Political Parties

By John Vincent

The globalists have a plan as outlined in their charter. We need one too… The globalists are ruthless and intricate planners. They work by illusion. Everything we hold dear has been corrupted. The mainstream media (TV and newspapers) serve the globalists and feed us with lies and deception. The truth is only available on-line, but this is fast disappearing via globalist vehicles such as Google and Facebook, amongst many thousands!

Often people ask me, “what can we do?” I just say “you could start with using cash for all spending, leaving the bank card only for emergencies. You could stop wasting our money and NHS resources by getting yourself injected with substances that are designed to destroy you. You could question everything that is happening in this country and on this planet.” This highlights the human problem – lack of self-esteem. If we were “well-esteemed” we would not have a problem with globalists. We would just tell them to go away – we know what you are doing. We would have seen behind the illusion presented to us.

What can we do for our self-esteem? Freedom is the key. Dispose of political parties so that only independent individuals can stand for parliament. Currently, budding MPs have little chance of entering parliament without selling their soul to the party HQs of the two main parties. Once they have sold their soul, they are controlled by the party HQ throughout the term of parliament. The events that occur during a parliament are essentially the actions of political parties, whose sole purpose is maintenance or acquisition of power – nothing whatsoever to do with the wishes of the people. The time-wasting in parliament is quite abominable. It is no wonder that there is a drinking culture in Westminster because the vast majority of the MPs are in a state of despair because they are being barred from expressing their creative selves. The system has let the MPs down due to the trade-off between having their spirit controlled in exchange for higher salary and benefits (for most MPs), enhanced social status and a fancy office. This is not healthy!

It is very important that all freedom-fighting sites petition for abolition of political parties, especially since we have a general election shortly. Since most political parties are corrupted by the globalists, then there will be no change in how we are governed if another party takes power or there is a coalition. There will be so many cover-ups where even one party could excuse the lies and deceptions perpetrated by the previous government because otherwise they would be accused of hypocrisy. Check out the HM Government voting on motions passed in parliament to confirm this. In essence, there is no political party system currently in operation because, with a few exceptions, all the MPs are voting in accord with the globalist agenda. Why don’t we just make it legal and replace the party controlled MPs with “peoples’ representatives” – otherwise the planet will be destroyed! It is a no-brainer. Isn’t it?

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