Excess Deaths Debate with Andrew Bridgen MP – House of Commons – Loud Cheering from Balcony

Excess Deaths Debate: Andrew Bridgen’s MP’s full speech from Parliament, 18 April 2024:

Andrew Bridgen MP’s full speech from Excess Deaths debate in Parliament today

All MPs should be attending House of Commons debate on Excess Deaths in UK

We shut down society over fears of excess deaths What could be more important than getting to the bottom of this issue now? (Together/YT)

“…this debate and others like it is going to be poured over by future generations and they will be genuinely agog that the evidence has been ignored for so long, and that genuine concerns were disregarded, and those raising them were gaslit, smeared and vilified.” (Andrew Bridgen MP)

Parliament during the debate. Is this how much our MPs care about us?

In contrast to the above image, this is how it looks outside of Parliament:

Danny Kruger MP – Speech on Excess Deaths – 18 April 2024 (Dany Kruger/YT):

The Vaccine Harms (Andrew Bridgen):

MP Andrew Bridgen at London’s Emmanuel centre, the topic “Vaccine Harms”.

Is covid-19 perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science, attack on democracy, damage to population health, and erosion of trust in medicine that we will witness in our lifetime.

Andrew Bridgen is a British politician who has served as Member of Parliament (MP) for North West Leicestershire since 2010. He was a member of the Conservative Party until his expulsion in April 2023, suspended in January after criticising the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. (WTF is Going On/Odysee)

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