Japan Resisting the WHO

Thousands Attend Demonstration Against WHO & New World Order Across Multiple Locations In Japan! (UnmaskMaine/Bitchute):

A Message from Japan to the World about the COVID HOAX – Prof Masayasu Inoue (AntiNWO/Bitchute):

Major Japanese Press Conference on Covid Vaccine Injuries and Death:

They were stirring up that the vaccine should be taken for people with diseases, so my spouse and I stupidly believed that that just getting this vaccine would definitely save us and we got vaccinated. Two days later, while I was on a day off going back to my parents’ house, he passed away alone. An autopsy was also conducted.

I wasn’t satisfied because many of our customers were doctors, they said to perform the autopsy anyway because if you leave the cells, they can be examined again with the latest technology later on. So the advice was to go ahead with the autopsy anyway. Okay. Based on the suggestion to preserve the cells, we had the pathologist perform the autopsy. The autopsy was conducted. And I was not satisfied either. The reason is that the pathologist said the vaccine was 100% not related. At that time, even the minister said that it’s absolutely impossible to die from the vaccine. “Has anyone acknowledged this?” was the question posed. The pathologist told me that all you can do now is to conduct late-night consultations and honor your husband’s memory. That’s all you were told you could do. Even if you were to take the cells everywhere, or even talk to a university hospital, just to work on a single cell would cost 300,000 yen, and to work on all the cells would cost tens of millions of yen. Either way, you were laughed at with the notion that even if you sued the government, you’d lose. At that time, I thought it was absolutely terrible. What I’m thinking about now, beyond the process of death, is the immense damage caused by the coronavirus vaccine and how the country continues to ignore it and pushes for vaccination. They proceed.

Meanwhile, they relentlessly pressure private companies to the fullest. The vaccine damage are not shared with the public. Not at all. Neither information nor the media are disseminated. They make the damages from the new coronavirus vaccine seem smaller or ignore them altogether, as if to suggest it’s being circulated in such a way. That’s what I’ve thought over these three years. People are dying, and the reality of what is happening is being hidden. They are gone. There are people currently existing who suffer from side effects and damages, yet, even this is hardly broadcasted by the media. Almost not at all.

What infuriates me the most is the way the new coronavirus vaccine damage is being substituted for coronavirus damage and disseminated by the media.

I also feel stifled by this and really think, what kind of country is this, you know? Even before and now, after getting vaccinated, I think the information being spread by the country to Japan is impure. “Please get vaccinated.” “After that, it’s your responsibility.” I absolutely think this situation is wrong.

Because you signed the vaccination ticket, it’s all on you. I got vaccinated because of the media’s guidance. I believed in the country. In the end, the country says it… (PSandham/Bitchute)

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