Former UK Gov and UN Scientist Demolishes the Fake Climate Change Hysteria

Transcending the Climate Change Deception – Toward Real Sustainability

By Mark Keenan

The ‘speaking plastic box’ in my living room has been trying to sell me an electric car so I can ‘save the planet’. Yet, as a former scientist at the UK government, Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the UN, I know that climate change is a political scam, and that the production of electric cars causes a lot of ‘real’ pollution. Thousands of other diligent, honest scientists also know this. The climate has always been changing slowly and naturally in its own cycle – climate change is not caused by carbon emissions nor methane from livestock, such as cows.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction is the main focus of the UN-promoted climate-change-hysteria that has been rampant among the world’s population. However, the proclaimed climate crisis exists in computer models only. Real pollution exists, but the problem is not CO2. Industrial globalisation has produced many substances that are registered as pollutants, including thousands of new man-made chemical compounds, toxins, nano-particles and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are in violation of the scientific pre-cautionary principle. Despite the deceptive and fake environmental facade, it has adopted, the vast institutional entity of the UN has fully endorsed environmentally destructive industrial globalisation for the past 70 years. The UN climate change, sustainable development and green economy policies over the past 30 years are little more than worldwide marketing tricks that have tragically brainwashed two generations of young people who do not understand what the UN actually is really designed for, and who are the globalist robber barons that control it from the top down, just as they have controlled the world’s money creation and supply process.

The UN climate crisis predictions are not based on physical evidence, rather they are based on complex computer modelling. One has to decode and analyse the modelling process to ascertain whether or not the models are valid and accurate or whether they have obvious flaws. The vast majority of scientists, economists, politicians and the general public have simply assumed that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) models are accurate. Very few people have the time or skills to analyse these models, not to mention actually dispute them. Nonetheless, there were many senior and highly distinguished scientists that did exactly that – they claimed the UN narrative was incorrect and that there was no climate emergency. Their voices have been drowned out by a vast money-driven political and media establishment of the globalised ‘system’. The vitally important work of some of these renowned scientists is referenced in my book Transcending the Climate Change Deception, which is available on amazon.COM.

For example, Professor Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT described that: “deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that Co2 from human industry was a dangerous plant destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that Co2 the life of plants was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”

This current globalised system involves the promotion of beliefs and fake science that claim to be unchallengeable truths, but are, in fact, ideologies in which evidence is manipulated, twisted, and distorted to prove the ‘governing idea’, and thus promote its worldwide dissemination. They start with the conclusion they want and then wrench and manipulate what scant evidence they can to fit that conclusion. Man-made climate change due to anthropogenic carbon emission is a major example of this. In the world of 2022, objective truth has been replaced to a very large extent by ideology. The bogus mantra is ‘my opinion is as valid as your opinion’, in the consequent vacuum of no objective truth, ideological power then is what has been dictating reality. The establishment of ‘what is real’ became a contest, in which those with all the money could easily win the battles. However, the game is not over, and truth has a way of surviving and winning the war in the end.

A group of elite interests own the world’s media corporations and literally control the corporate-media narrative. The masses are not supposed to think independently about the reality that is served to them by the current TV/corporate media culture. This is because the intellectual position of the people hypnotised by the corporate-controlled information ‘matrix’ is built on sand. This is the reason thousands of truth tellers are banned or suspended on corporate-owned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc.

The ‘educated’ masses, meanwhile, are misled by a smile and a charming personality – traits that are often wielded by the narcissist. Former President Obama smilingly told the US population they need to combat climate change – even while the evidence indicated otherwise. Obama later dropped more bombs in the middle-east than his fellow war monger George Bush.

Note that I have no commercial interest in stating that climate change is not caused by CO2. In truth I am against ‘real’ pollution, and the reality is that the CO2 component is not a pollutant. In 2022, many misinformed environmentalists are driving around in electric cars, the battery production for which has caused vast amounts of ‘real’ pollution via the industrial mining and processing of rare earth metals, and the consequent pollution to land, air and water systems. Note that the UN does not focus on the thousands of real pollutants that corporate industrial globalisation creates.

Institutions, including the UN, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the World Health Organisation (WHO), are privately-motivated unelected unaccountable organisations controlled by the source of debt-money creation, i.e., the world private-banking cartel; and are just clever marketing tools and political mechanisms for implementing and maintaining a corrupt worldwide system, under the clever guise of ‘fixing the problems of the world’. The word “sustainable” was hijacked decades ago, and it is now deceptively used to advance the agendas of globalist mega-corporate interests. The aim is to catapult humanity into the arms of UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF ‘reset’ plan, which are clever marketing plans entirely designed by the so-called elite mega-corporate interests of the Davos group.

The world’s central bankers are fully funding the worldwide climate change ‘project’. The Bank for International Settlements created the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, which represents the world’s mega-banks and well over $100 trillion of assets globally. The truism ‘follow the money’ springs to mind – and by doing so, one quickly discovers who runs the corporate, political, and media world.

Many people are, thus, in a media-and-government-induced dysfunctional state of confusion, and, thus, blindly assume their pre-determined role in society under this ‘dictatorship of words’ without even being aware of it. For example, we now have millions of so-called climate change warriors blind to the fact that climate change is not actually caused by carbon emissions. This is all to scare people into accepting totalitarian authority and limitations to their freedom and personal wellbeing.

The unpalatable reality is that people’s access to energy and resources is being intentionally reduced via bogus climate change policies, high inflation, ongoing geo-political theatre and intentionally instigated war, in which both ‘sides’ are pawns for the wider agenda of the punch-and-judy show globalists.

We cannot understand how to create a truly resilient society unless we correctly perceive the current society we live in and how it came to exist. So, who are the architects of the current paradigm. This book is designed to help in that regard. Unless we face the ugly reality of the current paradigm, even if it is not ‘politically correct’ to do so, then we will not be able to make the correct adjustments to current society, or create a better society.

Mark Keenan is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. Transcending the Climate Change Deception – Toward Real Sustainability is available on amazon.COM only.

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