Hospitals Were Empty – Interview with Kaiser Nurse

Executive summary

My interview with former Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa nurse Gail Macrae is the single most devastating interview I’ve done since I first started speaking out against the COVID vaccine in May 2021.

Key points of the interview include:

  • Hospitals were actually empty when the press told us they were full.
  • 90% or more of the COVID deaths were actually caused by the treatment protocols dictated from above, not the virus. There were both early treatments as well as inpatient treatments available that reduced the COVID death rate by over 90%.
  • The COVID vaccines increased all-cause mortality in hospitals by up to 80% according to one ICU doctor I spoke to who worked in the same hospital as Gail and made meticulous notes on patient outcomes.
  • One of the potential reasons people believed that there was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is that the EMR systems were programmed to default all COVID cases to unvaccinated and nurses weren’t told how to change it.
  • After the vaccines rolled out for an age group is when the hospitals started seeing very unusual things they’ve never seen or rarely seen before for that age group.
  • Doctors are still afraid to speak out.


Bottom line: it wasn’t the virus that caused the pandemic. It was our response to the virus (top-down dictated treatment protocols and vaccination directives) that caused nearly all the morbidity and mortality. It was all preventable had we listened to the people that our government wanted to silence.

Today, there is still a total lack of transparency of what happened in hospitals in 2021 after the shots rolled out. If the protocols and vaccinations were a huge success, why aren’t we seeing any hospital publish their numbers? (Steve Kirsch/Rumble)

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