How Do We Get People to Throw Away Their Smart Phones?

A reader writes:

Barrie Trower is the lead scientist over here seeking to ban 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi. He tells me the case to force cessation of 5G installation is in the High Court—it has cleared 2 court levels to get there. At some point the case will be heard. Unfortunately the vaccine peril has banished the equally or even more destructive RF radiation threat to babies, fetuses, infants, trees, birds and bees and everything else. I enclose the latest papers from Barrie. The good news is—they are being translated promptly into over 80 languages. How do we get people to put their cell phones, smartphones, i-pads etc into the bin?

Cellphones are held at all angles. Electromagnetic waves penetrate deep into the brain, changing entropy and biological reactions. (Barrie Trower)

Download the PDFs Addiction and Harm from Cellphones here


No Hiding Place – Barrie Trower 2021 here

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