I Don’t Remember Signing Up for These Agendas – Do You?

By Ray Wilson


“I still don’t know what I was waiting for.
And my time was running wild.
A million dead-end streets
Every time I thought I’d got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet.”
David Bowie—Hunky Dory

The telephone rings as I sing along, jolting me out of my reverie. I turn down the volume a tad on the radio as I reach for the handset, almost knocking my glass over in the process.
“Hello,” I say.

“Bonjour, bonjour, comment ça va?”

“Bonjour, Trev, same old, same old,” I reply. The line is a bit crackly, and Trev’s voice sounds faint.

“An interesting thing I noticed on my way to work was the appearance of cameras that measure and display the speed at which you are travelling. I know all the same nonsense, except that the speed it displays is ten miles per hour faster than the speed I am actually travelling at, and it isn’t my speedometer because I checked it!”,

“Another psychological operation; they are using all channels of communication to convince us to travel slower, maybe?” I suggest.

“Critics of Mr. Khan remain outraged that he decided to approve the ULEZ expansion across Greater London despite the fact that the majority of respondents to the consultation were opposed.”

Mr. Khan earlier stated that the survey had been “hijacked” by pro-motoring advocates, including those living outside of London.
Psyops rely on the use of false information and fake news to sway public opinion; some psyops inflict permanent damage on individuals, shaping their behaviour for a lifetime.

From September 17, Wales will introduce default 20-mph speed limits. Restricted roadways are typically seen in densely populated residential and built-up regions. They are frequently equipped with street lights that are no more than 200 yards apart.

They argue that this modification will reduce the frequency of crashes and the severity of injuries caused by them (while also reducing the load on the NHS from treating the injured). Encourage more people to walk and bike in our communities. Contribute to the improvement of our health and well-being, the safety of our streets, and the preservation of the environment for future generations. Cornwall will adhere to and execute 20mph speed limits in order to attain “Vision Zero.”

The practise of governments, which are mere puppets and illusions of democracy controlled by unseen hands, is to peddle propaganda and lies to defend their tyrannical policies and keep the public on board during times of volatility and enforced change. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes.

Perhaps a democracy has always been on the tippy-toe of a totalitarian regime, and perhaps we need a republic. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes.

“There are some empty shelves at the builders merchants-apparently,” Trev clears his throat, “the district manager has been tasked with getting in supplies PDQ.”

“What’s the shortage now?” I ask stifling a yawn.

“Apparently, battery operated angle grinders and diamond tipped metal cutting discs and bizarrely goggles, black masks and gloves.”

“Strange one that, engineering projects back in vogue, or a bit of heavy duty guerrilla gardening.” I say.

“I think there’s some heavy-duty pruning in town,” he says, “those eyes on stalk plants are considered an invasive species by some and as such must be cut down.”

“Ah, I see.” I say. “So it’s a combination of engineering projects and tackling invasive plants. Mmm, I see. Wink, wink, nod, nod. Quite an interesting mix of supplies is needed, then.”

“It’s the old man’s funeral next week,” Trev says, “Sis says they told her the cause of death was aggressive ‘turbo’ lung cancer, kidney and liver failure-they don’t put it in writing yet for some reason.”

“Just a small service-most of his fishing mates are gone anyway—I am one of the pallbearers, being his son and a fisherman, all six of the pallbearers are fishermen carrying a loved and respected fisherman to his final resting spot.”

The line crackles again, filled with a heavy silence that speaks volumes about the weight of their loss.

“Funny thing, dad was never ill, spent his whole life outside, farming mostly and the rest of his time fishing, he went down hill after he started having the jabs,” Trev concluded.

The missus and I are off in the car to pick up essential supplies and entertain ourselves by counting CCTV cameras and surveillance paraphernalia en route.
The C40 project is chaired by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, with financial backing from Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Their aim is to reduce consumption-based carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 by focusing on six sectors: food, building, clothes, automobiles, aircraft, and electronics, all of which we are told “pose a threat to contemporary civilization”.

The fact that the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) endorses the C40 agenda while maintaining its goal of a Great Reset is also troubling.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

The traffic lights ahead turn green; we nudge along a few yards, and they are back to red. Frustration builds as we experience the stop-and-go traffic, wasting fuel and emitting more
carbon into the atmosphere.

“Three pieces of clothing per year, really?” My missus is agitated.

“Really, a pair is still two?”

“A pair of knickers and one sock, and you are done for the year—programmable CBDC and digital ID ensure that there are no contraventions—yep right.”

“So billions of pounds worth of PPE are brought, transported, stored, and then set on fire by order of the UK government—net zero. The Johnsons, the Bidens, and the Trudeaus all travelled to Cornwall for the G7 summit two summers ago—food, clothes, automobiles, aircraft, and electronics used with gay abandon.”

“Cash is king; let’s get it circulating,” I say as we park up and head off in our different directions.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum persuade corporations and government leaders throughout the world to support WEF goals, such as addressing climate change by eating insects, but only for us plebs who are gaslighted into accepting that we are the problem, when in reality the reverse is true. I don’t actually remember signing up for these agendas, do you?

The Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) aims to support innovative low-carbon technologies and infrastructure in the UK, reducing the costs of decarbonisation. The proposed new process for cremation, currently reliant on natural gas, will use green hydrogen, produced from renewable sources, to power cremators. Net zero for churches and public buildings is already here.

We need to see the raw data that justifies these draconian actions, not biassed studies carried out by institutions that receive funding from those whose interests are served.
The new Energy Bill proposes penalties for homeowners not complying with energy performance regulations, including imprisonment or fines of £15,000. The government aims to reinforce net zero efforts by allowing authorities to establish criminal offences and augment civil penalties, including prosecution for providing false information or obstructing enforcement authorities.

Follow the money, not the distractions, and the truth is there in plain sight for all to see. We are being subjected to an orchestrated attack by those who purport to be our government. They want us weak, both physically and mentally. They doctor us—our children, our animals, our air, water, and food. Crush our creativity and indomitable human spirits—us useful idiots, us useless eaters.

They are few, and we are many. So why do we comply? They exploit our vulnerabilities, creating a sense of dependency and instilling the belief that resistance is futile. However, as more people awaken to the truth and unite against these oppressive forces, the balance of power can shift in favour of the many. It is crucial that we educate ourselves, question authority, and actively seek alternatives to break free from this cycle of compliance.

Later, we meet up in town, and we sit on the bench and sip our coffee. As we sit there, we discuss the importance of spreading awareness and empowering others to break free from the cycle of compliance.

“I heard from a friend who works in a local surgery that there’s another baby formula contamination,” my missus informs me.

“I seem to remember cronobacter contamination earlier this year,” I scratch my chin, “how many times since the 1950s have there been ‘contamination issues’ since those early outbreaks of salmonella affecting infant formulas?”

“That reminds me—I must get you to read the key findings of a report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies,” I said, going off on a tangent.

“It explains that the number of individuals receiving the Personal Independence Payment has changed little for years and then steadily increased, such that by July 2022 it had doubled. Why?”

“Why are so many more people getting sick? The data correlates with the deployment of the “so-called vaccines”, but they will never be considered as even a factor, will they?”

“Why has the claim rate for teenagers tripled when the system still operates the same in terms of its strictness?” I ask.

“It states: There has also been a significant rise in the number of (non-COVID) working-age deaths from late 2021 through 2022, compared to pre-pandemic years.”

So with all these massive mortality signals flashing like red beacons and eardrum-bursting alarms flagging up unprecedented 6-sigma mortality events, what is causing it? Should not some government team of “experts” be looking forensically at all the evidence? There’s plenty of it.

So what is causing it? Well, it’s not COVID.

By the time we get back home, it is getting dark.
“Did you want to look at those key findings?” I ask.

“You had better give Trev a ring first,” my missus says. “See how he’s coping.”

“Pretty soon now, you’re gonna get older.
Time may change me.
But I can’t trace time.
I said that time may change me.
But I can’t trace time.”

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