It’s Summer, Not the Apocalypse

The rise of heatwave hysteria – The spiked podcast:

Journalist and author, Laura Dodsworth, explains how a UK government advisor from the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), told her that the same methods of psychological manipulation and fear mongering used to “nudge” people into compliance with draconian lockdown measures, would be used to elicit mass compliance with draconian Net Zero policies—a campaign we’re now seeing play out in hysterical mainstream media weather reporting.

Laura Dodsworth, Luke Gittos and Tom Slater discuss climate alarmism, Farage vs Coutts, and the hypocrisy of Just Stop Oil. (Wide Awake Media/spiked/YT)

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‘People are being manipulated!’ | Neil Oliver says ‘turn your back’ on summer ‘fear mongering’:

‘The whole thing is so blatantly dishonest. People are being manipulated by fear of the summer.’

Neil Oliver calls on people to ‘turn their backs’ on media reports regarding extreme weather after the BBC sent their climate editor on a gas-guzzling trip to Spain to cover the ongoing heatwave. (GBNews/YT)