King Charles III Will Carry On With the Great Reset

Those who are deliberately destroying the earth’s ecosystem with geoengineering are pushing their green agenda while forcing people to believe that it is ordinary citizens who are responsible for climate change.

According to the Telegraph, King Charles III will ‘continue to champion the environment while on the throne’. In other words, he will continue to spread lies and support the depopulation programme, along with the government’s mad Net Zero plans. All under the guise of ‘protecting the planet’.

The King will continue to champion the environment while on the throne, palace sources have indicated. However, he will “highlight” rather than campaign in the manner he has done for decades.

It comes after the King had a telephone conversation with Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, during which the French president “signalled his full willingness” to continue their work together – “starting with the protection of the climate and the planet”. (…)

Royal sources said the King’s passion for the environment and commitment to the cause would not diminish, noting that it was widely known and not hugely controversial.

What he does about those views is “a different matter” and an issue that his advisers will address between them in the coming weeks and months.

One acknowledged that it might appear odd for the King to suddenly stop talking about a subject on which he has campaigned for five decades.

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