Rishi Sunak’s Recent Net Zero Back-Pedalling: What It Really Means

By Douglas Brodie

Open letter to: Mr Maurice Golden, MSP for North East Scotlan, Mr Donald Ross MP/MSP, Sir Edward Mountain MSP, Mr Drew Hendry MP, Mr Fergus Ewing MSP


This email is an opportunistic milking of what was supposed to be my “retirement” swan-song, much shorter than the original. Mr Golden is the unlucky victim because he unwisely argued against prime minister Rishi Sunak’s recent back-pedalling on Net Zero. The real targets are my Bcc addressees. Hopefully some will learn from it, most importantly how the fraudulent Net Zero agenda relates to the Covid “plandemic” and its toxic ‘vaccines’. 

Dear Mr Golden, 

I am a near-neighbour to you living in Highlands Nairn, writing regarding the recent Net Zero back-pedalling by prime minister Rishi Sunak. I want to explain why your perverse stance on this issue is shamefully repressive given that the entire Net Zero policy agenda is only sustained by untrue propaganda and suppression of the truth, with all proper debate of the issue having been undemocratically denied for many years, e.g. by the biased BBC

In early September I sent an email to Mr Sunak and about thirty of his parliamentary colleagues on the subject of Net Zero and other issues, pointing out for the umpteenth time that this policy agenda is hugely self-harming and totally unachievable technically, financially, logistically and politically as well as being utterly pointless. Sunak announced his (very minor) Net Zero back-pedalling just three weeks later although I doubt if my email was the trigger. More likely it was due to all the Net Zero unravelling that has been going on recently across Europe and beyond, see here, here and here

My email to Sunak has been posted online by my colleague Joel Smalley as My heretical epitaph, complete with embedded cartoon images, lots of supportive comments and an index to my online campaigning work going back to 2015. I advise you to read it through to the final paragraph which contains the following simple question which I now put to you: 

  • Why are you siding with evil globalists in their murderous undeclared war against your own people? 


Sunak’s flip-flop amounts to very little as he is going to continue with his intelligence-insulting pretence that the UK can achieve Net Zero by 2050. All he has done is to delay slightly the coercion on motorists to adopt user-unfriendly EVs and householders to install undesirable heat pumps. He is still putting pressure on industry to comply with his previously set targets by imposing mandatory quotas to sell unwanted EVs which, among many other negatives are proving to be dangerously prone to catching fire and prohibitively expensive to insure, together with unwanted prohibitively expensive heat pumps, both on pain of massive fines if they don’t. What could possibly go wrong?! 

I put it to you that your authoritarian hair-shirt approach to Net Zero is a totally unjustified assault on the wellbeing and freedoms of the general public who have never had any say on the UniParty Net Zero agenda, especially as it is all to no useful purpose. You are acting as a treasonous “useful idiot” puppet to anti-humanity psychopathic globalists – “the real enemy, then, is humanity itself” – who are intent, via one ulterior pretext or another, to shackle and control the global populace through impoverishment, deindustrialisation, food deprivation and depopulation

The globalists showed their true colours when they tried to shackle us via their Covid “plandemic, thankfully without success apart from managing to maim, sterilise and kill tens of millions worldwide with their toxic-by-design Covid jabs. Yet still they lie that the jabs are “safe and effective”. The tragedy is that so many of the brainwashed general public still believe the lies. Neil Oliver likens the scale of 2023 UK excess deaths relative to pre-Covid years to a fully-laden passenger plane crash every day yet nobody in authority even talks about it, more proof that Covid has indeed been a “plandemic”. Health analyst Dr John Campbell reviews the UK 2023 excess death numbers (36,316 to week 30) and previews the MP debate on excess deaths secured by Andrew Bridgen MP for 20 October, predicting an empty Commons chamber like last time. For those not aware, Dr Campbell has to talk in code and use negative facial expressions to avoid being banned by YouTube. German MEP Christine Anderson understands what the tyrannical globalists and treasonous politicians are trying to do and doesn’t hold back: “For God’s sake, stop complying, start rebelling. They are out to get you if you do not resist”. 

Returning to Net Zero, I challenge you to answer the following simple questions which I have been putting to politicians for years without ever getting an intelligible (or any) reply, clear proof that the Net Zero agenda has never been about “tackling climate change”: 

  • Given that the energy transition from fossil fuels to so-called “green” energy is a propaganda fiction and that expensive, impractical carbon capture and storage can be ruled out, why do you insult the intelligence of the electorate by pretending that UK Net Zero can be achieved by 2050 (26 years from now) when the UK is still 79% dependent on fossil fuels after 15 years of decarbonisation striving since the 2008 Climate Change Act? 
  • Given your plans to abandon our essential dispatchable fossil fuel power stations in favour of short lifespan, resource-depleting, weather-dependent renewables and given that batteries and hydrogen are hopelessly inadequate, why do you insult the intelligence of the electorate by pretending that you can make these changes and still “keep the lights on” in cold, dark midwinter when a blocking anti-cyclone can becalm the entire UK and neighbouring mainland Europe resulting in an economy-crippling lack of solar, wind and interconnector electricity supply for weeks on end? 
  • Given that the UK generates just 0.8% of global CO2 emissions (versus China 29%) and given it is clear that the developing countries which generate the vast bulk of global CO2 emissions are not going to join the Net Zero suicide club, why do you insult the intelligence of the electorate by attempting to achieve UK Net Zero unilaterally, which you must realise by now that you can’t anyway, when it would have negligible impact on the global climate even if the CO2 global warming hypothesis were correct, which it isn’t? See also here


Climate journalist and author Ben Pile brilliantly exposes the sham of Sunak’s recent Net Zero flip-flopping and explains how the recent UK wind power auction debacle could be catastrophic for the future of the wind industry already reeling from multiple adverse pressures. Conversely, electricity customers will face even higher bills if the government caves in to bail out the grifting wind industry by awarding them even higher wind power prices. 

Ben ends with a pleasing insight on how Sunak’s move puts Doom Cultists like Mr Golden firmly on the back foot: 

The more they [eco-catastrophists like the SNP/Greens and the Labour Party] howl and wail, the more they will expose their utter contempt for ordinary people. It is not in Sunak’s gift, even if he wanted it, to reverse the entire sorry [Net Zero] policy agenda. Too much stands in his way. But every scream and tantrum from the blobbers will bring that possibility closer to him or a successor because no person with a functioning brain believes that banning the boiler later, rather than earlier, is a bad thing. And so the blobbers are set to out themselves, for the duration of this controversy, as brainless ideological zombies. Long may it continue. 

In the same vein, I warned Messrs Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt (with a little help from the late Lord Lawson) at the time of their 2019 contest to succeed Theresa May as prime minister that they ought to “drop the green cr@p”, to paraphrase David Cameron. I said this would leave the other parties (Labour, Lib Dem and SNP) out on an intellectually-indefensible eco-catastrophist limb, probably a sadly forlorn hope given what passes for intelligent discourse these days. Johnson won and was obviously “got at” because he switched overnight from being a climate change sceptic to being a full-on supporter of establishment narratives, glibly lying his way through the fraudulent Net Zero agenda, the engineered war in Ukraine and the criminal Covid “plandemic”, partygating with colleagues because he knew that the virus was a very low health risk. As I predicted, we are now facing a disastrous collision with reality

Finally, I was astonished yesterday to receive out of the blue a very authoritative and perceptive post from a veteran power industry expert covering many of the political oppressions that I have been highlighting for ages. Joel Smalley who cross-posted it introduced it with: “When you wake up one day and realise everything your government does is either through sheer incompetence or criminal intent. Literally everything. It’s all connected. Can you see it yet?”. Well worth reading: Net Zero: an open letter to Rishi Sunak by John Sullivan. 


It is time for you and all your similarly-deluded colleagues to face up to reality and come to your senses. Net Zero needs to be scrapped and the surrendering of our national sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable, openly oppressive supranational organisations like the UN, the WHO, the WEF and megalomaniac bribing billionaires like Bill Gates and George Soros urgently needs to be reversed, before it is too late. 

My painstaking research is founded on objective, easily-verified facts and its validity is being corroborated by reality with every passing month, year and decade. I urge my Bcc addressees to forward this message far and wide, for the sake of the wider general public who for many years have been unknowingly subjected to a subliminal regime of behaviour-altering psyops,propaganda lies and censorship of the truth

Yours faithfully, 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 4 October 2023