Saturday: Worldwide Rally for Freedom

Watch LIVE here:

Worldwide Demonstration, 19 March, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and in many countries around the globe

Edinburgh, Holyrood Park, 1 pm
Blackburn, Lancs, Blackburn Town Hall, 1 pm
Liverpool, St John’s Gardens, 1 pm
Leeds, Leeds Town Hall, 1 pm
Oxford, Bonn Square, 1 pm
Birmingham, Chamberlain Square, 1 pm
Norwich, The Forum, 11 am
Chelmsford, Chelmsford Station, 1 pm
London, Parliament Square, 12 noon
Bristol, Castle Park, 12.30 pm
Totnes, Rotherfold Square, 12 noon
Truro, Truro Cathedral, 12 noon (with guest speakers)

NO more covering up of vaccine injuries, HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN!

We stand for freedom! NO to the 2030 Agenda, NO to the Great Reseat and NO to a One World Order. NO to fake news and political propaganda. End the global democide NOW!

Download and share our UPDATED leaflet at the protest.

Get a White Rose badge and/or t-shirt for the next rally.

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    World Wide Rally for Freedom
    Worldwide demonstration is organised by:

    Bob: Freedom

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