Strong Evidence that the Covid Vaccines Are Making the Immune System Weaker

Vaccines are supposed to boost your immune system, not repress it:

The study presents the results of the fourth round of the national SARS CoV, which was conducted between 29 November-13 December 2022.

The prevalence of anti-spike antibodies which indicates exposure to vaccine or natural infection was 99.6%, with little variation across jurisdictions or age consistent with Rounds 1-3.

The prevalence of anti-nucleocapsid antibodies which indicates natural infection increased modestly from 65% in Round 3 to 71% in Round 4.

This report mentions that anti-nucleocapsid antibodies are produced at lower levels and wane faster in people who are vaccinated.

I’ve attached a link to FOI 4475, which discusses the results of the latest round of seroprevalence studies for December 2022.

The key point from these results on page 11 is that antibodies against the virus nucleocapsid wanes faster in the vaccinated than unvaccinated. This is very strong evidence that the vaccine (or at least repeated doses) are making the immune system weaker.

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(Senator Gerard Rennick/YT)

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