Is Pope Francis an Antipope?

This speech by H.E. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano was prepared for the Catholic Identity Conference – Pittsburgh, October 1st, 2023. (Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò/YT) ‘We must ‘take seriously, very seriously, the possibility that Bergoglio intended to obtain the election by means of fraud… in order to do the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ gave

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Archbishop Viganò: The Satanic Fraud of Freemasonry and the New World Order Is Doomed to Fail

The following text is taken from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s address at a conference with the political movement Civitas in Pontmain, France, on July 29, 2023. The consistency of the good As  there is a consistency of good, so there is also a consistency of evil. The good,  a  substantial  attribute  of  God, also has

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Coup Complete: Globalist Rishi Sunak Installed as Prime Minister

The coup to install a technocratic globalist government in Westminster is now complete as former Goldman Sachs banker Rishi Sunak was invited to form a new government by King Charles III on Tuesday morning, after the parliamentary Conservative Party, alongside financial institutions, and the legacy media moved with astonishing speed to overthrow the short-lived Truss

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