Farmers’ Revolution in Poland: ‘Withdraw the Green Deal as a Whole’

Revolution taking place in Poland NOW:

70,000 farmers have just shut down Poland – and the mainstream press ignores it! The establishment is obviously hoping you’d forgotten about all this. (Jeff Taylor/YT)

Drivers in Poland experienced significant traffic disruptions countrywide on Wednesday due to a massive farmers’ protest against EU policies and the influx of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine.

The farmers’ Solidarity trade union, which has called for a nationwide strike, demands compensation payments and support for agricultural producers.

Union spokesman Adrian Wawrzyniak said: “The farmers oppose the Green Deal, the import of agri-food products from Ukraine, the restriction of animal husbandry in Poland, and the dramatic situation in agriculture.”

Police were urging citizens to plan travel ahead of time and consider alternative routes.

A total of 580 protests were expected to take place nationwide, with nearly 70,000 participants throughout the day. (Read the full article – see link below.)

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