German Farmers’ Success Against Globalist Government

German Farmers WIN Against Globalist Government (Mahyar Tousi/YT):

German farmers FIGHT BACK and launch massive protests | Redacted with Clayton Morris:

Thousands of German farmers drove their farm equipment into Berlin to protest a government plan to get rid of tax breaks for diesel. This would present a major cost increase for farmers. Why are they doing this? To plug a €17 billion Euro hole in the country’s budget. They’ve gotta take it from somewhere so…to the farmers’ bottom line, right? Germany has pledged to double financial support for Ukraine next year. The government has also allocated €60 billion to “combat climate change and modernize the country.” Joining us to discuss is Ralph Shoelhammer, a political analyst and visiting fellow at the MCC Budapest. (Redacted/YT)

Outraged German Farmers Threaten Major Protests With Tractors In Coming Weeks Over Tax Hikes (TrialSite News/YT):

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