The Not-so-Smart Agenda – A Call to Action

Urgent Call to Action

The Government has failed its duty to inform the public about the risks of wireless radiation and 5G.
Action Against 5G is organising a peaceful presence outside the court as they hold the Government to account.

Where: Royal Courts of Justice Strand, London WC2A 2LL
When: 6th and 7th Feb from 9.30 a.m. (1 1⁄2 days)

What do ‘smart’ homes, meters, cars, shops, motorways, cities, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Bodies (IoB) have in common?

• Increasingly intrusive surveillance by state and corporations, with centralised control of every sphere of human activity.
• An ‘all-things-digtal’ world where human dignity, privacy and autonomy are lost forever.
• Dependence on wireless and 5G communication systems means ever-increasing exposure to harmful radio frequency (RF) radiation.

Wilful Ignorance and Reckless Disregard

The Government refuses to examine a large body of high quality, peer-reviewed scientific evidence of harms to life from RF radiation. Current ‘ICNIRP’ exposure guidelines take account only of heating effects in adult humans and as a result are set at least a million times too high.

The Government has a duty to inform the public of the risks and to protect us from them, yet there has been no assessment of harms to developing children, to animals and plants, no environmental impact assessment and no consideration given to the dreadful impacts on electro-sensitivity sufferers.

Judicial Review

The crowd-funded Action Against 5G campaign has secured a judicial review, our chance to present the evidence and hold the Government to account. See here:

Download the flyer for this event here: JR Leaflet – 2023-02-06 (003)

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