This World Is Being Run By Madmen

I really don’t understand how humans think. We are constantly being told we have to reduce CO2 and other things to combat climate change and save the planet yet at present half the world is at war trying to destroy it with bombs.

Also, the UK says it’s broke and can’t afford to give anything to help the poor, the sick, and increase every essential item we need to survive such as food, water, fuel leaving many people homeless and destitute, but our leaders give money to already rich countries to send rockets to the moon and Rishi Sunak has just agreed to give Ukraine a multi-BILLION pound deal to obtain more tanks, rockets, bombs, etc. to cause more destruction to a planet they say they are committed to saving.

This world surely is being run by madmen who are not committed to saving the planet but destroying it.


Is this why TalkTV is so aggressively pro-Israel? (Double Down News/YT):

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