What Net Zero Actually Means For Us

Ben Pile on the The Radical English Gentlemen Podcast (Together/YT)

By Hayley Dixon, Special Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph

Councils make ‘undemocratic’ pledges in dash to reach net zero

At least 160 local authorities have made commitments to beat Government’s 2050 target but face accusations of not consulting voters

Millions of taxpayers face an accelerated dash to reach net zero with at least 160 councils signing “undemocratic” pledges to beat the Government’s 2050 targets, The Telegraph can disclose.

Local authorities across the country have introduced curbs after joining climate campaigns, including closing streets to traffic, charging vehicles to enter city centres and removing parking spaces.

Research by Together and Climate Debate UK has now mapped the councils involved for the first time.

“The pledges are not just undemocratic, but antidemocratic,” the authors say. “The pledges’ principles and aims have not been contested in public. And the public have not been asked for their consent.”

Pledges include acting “sooner” than Westminster to reach net zero and committing to more “ambitious” plans of action.

The largest campaign organisation, UK100, pays for “political consultants” to work in the most enthusiastic councils one day a week to help them reach their climate change goals.

Read the full article here: https://archive.md/KiTw5#selection-2385.0-2423.105

Debating the Climate: Ben Pile on Climate Change:

Mike Robinson discusses climate change and clean air policy with Ben Pile. Pile is a researcher, commentator and blogger and campaigns for serious debate around climate change policy.

This interview goes into considerable depth on the bypassing of democracy and on the mechanisms whereby taxpayer money earmarked for development aid is laundered to allegedly green philanthropists and to NGOs, in the overarching framework of the Paris Agreement, and to capture local government and overseas influencers.

Pile has worked on the Together Declaration report (the Together Declaration maintains a YouTube channel) and is co-founder of the Climate Debate campaign, which likewise has a YouTube channel and is on Twitter. Ben Pile tweets personally as @Clim8Resistance. (UK Column News/Odysee)

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