US, Australia, and EU Prepare to Launch Mandatory Digital ID

Maria Zeee takes us through new steps that have been taken by the United States, Australia and countries in the EU towards eventually making Digital ID mandatory, and what the final goal of the digitization of society really is. (Stew Peters Network/Rumble)

Backup video:

How can we avoid a digital enslavement?

  • What you are doing to resist digital slavery, aka the beastly system?
  • Do you have a list of actions?
  • Can you tell us about your own experiences?
  • Can you describe an optimistic future and how we may achieve it?
  • How do you encourage others to resist digital slavery?
  • What do we have to be alert to in the coming months?
  • Where has the digital slavery system already taken over parts of our daily life?
  • Have you got a story (fiction or non-fiction) to tell how things will turn out good in the end?

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