Goodbye Amazon

We are in the process of transferring our books to a UK printing firm after having searched and tried for several months. It will take up to a few more months until all books have been moved. We have started with our most recent book, ‘How to Avoid Digital Slavery’ (pre-order here.)

There are several reasons why we find it was long due to leave this giant global cooperation. Here are the main points:

  • Amazon fully supported the Covid pseudo-pandemic and profited billions from it
  • Amazon supports the digitalisation of everything, meaning more unwanted control, less privacy, less freedom
  • Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is directly associated with the World Economic Forum
  • Amazon causes small and middle-size businesses and shops on the high street to close down
  • Amazon’s working conditions are in-humane


By purchasing our books, you are not only supporting our work and helping the truth to spread, you are also supporting a small local printing business. The company we have chosen only prints real books on paper, something we wholeheartedly support. We never wanted Kindle or similar devices that replace real books and make you more digitally controllable.

(While costs are now higher for us, we are keeping the book price down, i.e. same as before! Donations are always welcome.)

Forty authors have contributed to this 300 pages long book. How to Avoid Digital Slavery is filled with exciting fiction and valuable advice and will help you take back control and live a healthy life in freedom.

Book details: Hardcover; 300 pages; Size: 21.59 cm x 13.97

New: with red bookmark ribbon!

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