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After Three Years of Living Through the Covid ‘Plandemic’ I’ve Now Said All I Can Say

My Campaigning Swan Song By Douglas Brodie My last email of 23 February 2023 entitled “We are being horribly abused by lies, false propaganda and suppression of the truth” has been posted online by Joel (who wins the prize for best graphics), The White Rose UK, John at PSI and others, including one in French.

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There Is No Climate Crisis

There is no climate crisis. There is no ocean acidification crisis. The Extinction Rebellion is based on superstition, not science. (Tony Heller/YT) See also: We Are Being Horribly Abused by Lies, False Propaganda and Suppression of the Truth Extinction Rebellions Don’t Notice That the Globalists Have Been Using Them From the Start Former UK Gov

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Covid Was Just the Beginning: Climate Lockdowns Are the Next Stage of the Great Reset Agenda

Pro-freedom activist and author Marc Morano explains how covid lockdowns were a mere precursor to the climate lockdowns now being discussed by our elites. Morano also suggests practical ways to fight the ongoing implementation of the Great Reset agenda. Today’s guest on The John-Henry Westen Show is a fun one. His mouth moves a mile

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