Net Zero

Farmers’ Revolution in Poland: ‘Withdraw the Green Deal as a Whole’

Revolution taking place in Poland NOW: 70,000 farmers have just shut down Poland – and the mainstream press ignores it! The establishment is obviously hoping you’d forgotten about all this. (Jeff Taylor/YT) Drivers in Poland experienced significant traffic disruptions countrywide on Wednesday due to a massive farmers’ protest against EU policies and the influx of

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They’re Restricting People to Use their Cars Without an Alternative In Place

LTNs: Low traffic neighbourhood in Lambeth suspended: LTNs: “Low traffic neighbourhood in Lambeth suspended” Net Zero policies underpin, LTNs, “15 Minute Cities” ULEZ and blanket 20mph zones. The intent of a tiny minority is to make driving so painful and so expensive, the public are forced out of it. (Together/YT) NET ZERO: “What planet are

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‘They Aren’t Following the Science, They’re Following Agendas’ (Scotland Together Events)

“What we’ve got is a bunch of Poundland authoritarians” – James Melville: James Melville at Together’s Edinburgh event. (Together/YT) Nudge: “We Are Being Misled And Misinformed: “We, the public, must always be heard and not treated with contempt or side-lined. Our voices must be heard and manipulated and ignored.” (Together/YT) Net Zero: “Lithium batteries are

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