Fake Green Agenda – Birmingham Transport Plan

Under the pretence of protecting the climate (from what?) Birmingham is being transformed into a 15-minute ghetto city. People are encouraged to give up their private vehicle (‘own nothing and be happy‘), to walk and use public transport. To cover up any doubts people might have about this, they repeatedly tell you that it’s all for the benefit of the climate and the neighbourhood. Lies upon. Their Net Zero plan is not only mad, it is obviously impossible to implement without vast sacrifices – meaning human lives (think jabs). Remember when they Jewish citizens and East European emigrants holiday homes and work, but were instead transported to death concentration camps? Same thing here – softer, sneakier version.

What they don’t say:

  • there is no climate emergency
  • people aren’t dying from ‘bad air’
  • they don’t want you to own your own car
  • they want to control you more and more
  • restrictions on driving (e.g. 20 pm) cause more congestion, pollution and frustration
  • by herding everyone together, they want you to believe that there are too many cars, too many people
  • so that in the end, you admit that people are surplus and an annoyance to this planet
  • their plan is anti-human, anti-creation, anti everything good, it is deeply satanic.

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