How they Tried to Stop Andrew Bridgen’s Meeting

Andrew Bridgen’s parliamentary presentation with world health experts on 4th December took place with much success. However, behind the scenes, deliberate attempts to sabotage the event were made by officials in the British Parliament.



I am UNABLE to post this polite, legal comment under Richard Vobes’ recent video [on YouTube] about Andrew Bridgen’s meeting in a parliamentary committee room, which was sabotaged.

Andrew had invited a group, mostly from USA plus two locals (Prof Angus Dalgleish and yours truly, Dr Mike Yeadon).

The story I’ve heard independently from two people in the room matches what Richard tells us.

They needed an HDMI cable to link a laptop to the video screen. It’s a modern device with no user operating buttons on it. It can only be operated using the remote. IT staff assisted, but upon leaving, it was apparent that the volume had been set to zero and the remote had been removed from the room. You couldn’t make it up.

Richard appears not to know that the two people affected the most, in that important information that the 17 MPs who’d shown up REALLY needed to see, were me and Peter.

Dr David Martin – Andrew Bridgen meeting 4th December 2023

Dr Pierre Kory at Andrew Bridgen’s Meeting 4th December 2023

(Richard Vobes/YT)

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