Ireland Says NO!

Katie Hopkins: Ireland Votes No. Here’s what’s ACTUALLY going on (Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL/YT):

Voters rejected the Family Referendum, which proposed to revise the definition of a family to include the nebulous term “durable” extra-marital relationships, by 67.7 percent and the Care Referendum, which proposed to delete all references of motherhood in the nation’s Constitution, by 73.9 percent. (Source: Lifesitenews)

The Care referendum has returned the highest ever percentage no vote of people who voted in Irish referendum history.

The referendum on the 40th amendment to the constitution was rejected with 73.93% of people who voted choosing to vote against it.

The separate Family referendum was also rejected, with 67.69% of people voting against it.

These two percentage no votes represent the highest and third highest percentage no votes in referendum history.

Since the 1937 Constitution, the public has been asked to vote on 40 Constitutional amendments, 11 of which were rejected before today. (Source:

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