My Journey

By Charlotte Coupe, 2020

Six weeks to go till our wedding day,
A ‘pandemic’ hits the world, so we have to delay.
To me it seemed something didn’t sit right,
So my journey began, to gain some insight.
In a way I wish I’d never started, but the wealth of knowledge that has been imparted
Is amazing, shocking and somewhat disturbing.
It has left me questioning every little thing.
I ever believed…

It started with vaccines and what they contain,
I’d been told in the past, but had thought it insane.
“They wouldn’t do that to us, what have they to achieve?”
But how could I have been so naïve!
Ingredients that should never enter ones bloodstream,
Like metals, disinfectants and animal protein.
An injected threat bypasses all our natural defences,
Yet we believe vaccines work, amongst other pretences.

Next came toxicity in every way, shape and form,
We are bombarded with chemicals from the day we are born.
These toxins we ingest, apply and use every day,
In our food and drink, beauty products and anti perspirant spray,
Impact massively on our health and well-being,
Still we carry on regardless, blind and never seeing
What is hidden in plain sight – if we only open our eyes,
We would see the bigger picture, and come to realise.

The biggest shock for me, came from the food industry.
I am astounded it has taken so long to see
The blatant lies, manipulation and corruption,
Of labelling, marketing and production!
Our bodies need certain nutrients from food,
These aid our gut and immune system, weight and mood.
But with fast food, soil depletion and chemical residues,
The balance is tilted, and chaos ensues.

With so much thrown at us in everyday life,
It is no wonder dis-ease is rife!
An influx of asthma, eczema and other allergies,
And amongst many others the dreaded big C.
Cancer – the word that fills us with fear,
So profitable, that of a cure you’ll never hear.
With money to be made, and symptoms to be treated,
This disease will never be defeated.

Since my journey began, over a year has passed,
It has changed my life, the information amassed.
Changed for the better, I hasten to add,
I now know the truth, and for that I am glad!
Lied to by those we are supposed to trust,
Yet more and more of us have things sussed.
It is time to take back control of our lives…
Out of the ashes, a Phoenix shall rise!

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