Was the NHS really overwhelmed?

By Cherry Hughs

During the events of 2020, that have now seemingly faded from the consciousness of many, I was present, as were thousands of NHS staff, and witnessed at close quarters, what actually transpired. And it is not what the general public were led to believe, far from it. The banging of saucepans in support of us, brave NHS workers, was misplaced, and was a deliberate ploy by this government, and I may say, supported fully by many chief execs and NHS staff, to prop up a false and wholly misleading narrative, which was there to foster compliance and to dissuade any questioning of the damaging measures that were put in place to keep us, the public, quiet and compliant.

Let me explain some of the events that took place during that period in our recent history.

I stood in a daily ‘huddle’ that took place on the ward where I was working at the time, to listen to the latest information, dripped down the pipe from the government, and disseminated to us by our lead consultant. I can only state that I stood agog at the sheer madness of it all, but more to the point, the way in which it was delivered, by a clinician that I had previously respected, with not a hint of cynicism or questioning. Just regurgitated as fact. This information contained details of when ‘the wave’ would hit…..”it’s going to be this weekend, the army are on standby”, when nothing happened, we were told the wave was delayed, honestly, you couldn’t make it up, oh, sorry, they did. 

The reality was that the hospital was, to all intents and purposes, empty.  

Interestingly, in March, overnight, the hospital was festooned with hand sanitizers, mask stations, stickers in the stairwell and on doors, warning of the capacity allowed into that area at any one time, lest we were struck down. It was almost as if those stickers and banners were pre-printed waiting to be used. 

In the canteen it was one person allowed at a table, despite the fact that we were sitting next to each other, maskless in the ward areas. Infection control staff stalked the wards and offered new information and rules which changed almost on a daily basis, and made no sense. Arguments and debates about how far a droplet will travel, how long it will be suspended in the air, how this dictates if you need to wear a gown or a plastic apron,  etc etc. These are seemingly intelligent people having these meaningless conversations. 

There had been a concerted effort to discharge any and everybody that could conceivably leave the hospital, and that included many elderly, sent back to residential and nursing homes, replete with their requisite DNAR (do not attempt resuscitation) orders in place, and their ‘just in case’ (end of life meds) prescription. Visiting was stopped. At that time those patients admitted with serious life limiting events, died alone, away from their families.

In my role, I assessed patients coming into A&E for their suitability for the service that I worked in at that time, and as everybody will be aware, A&E is generally not a great place to be, with long waiting times. Not at that time. I have never seen A&E so empty in my life.  The permanent A&E staff were kitted out in full body suits and elaborate respirators, but those staff, such as myself who were not permanent A&E staff, were fine to don the plastic pinny, the blue paper face mask and vinyl gloves.  Clearly, the ‘virus’ could tell us apart….

The ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ zones of the department were sectioned off by a wheeled screen about 5-6 foot in height.  If I needed to take a patient to radiology, the screen was pulled back, and I wheeled on through.

Our ward area, with a 42 bed capacity, had an average of 6-8 patients at this critical time, and for several weeks, as the ‘wave’ crashed through. I have to report, I didn’t notice its presence. However, the hospital lay practically empty.  No outpatient clinics, no regular surgery, no ambulances queued up outside, wards at lowest ever occupancy.  This is the reality of the ‘so called pandemic’.

My colleagues, by and large, did not seem to notice the incongruity of the situation, or feel the need to question what was in front of their very eyes. Welfare packs poured into the hospital and onto every ward, shampoo’s, bath products, energy bars, food and snacks, boxes and boxes of pizza and take away meals. To sustain us?? We were sitting on our backsides, effectively doing nothing. That is the truth, that was the reality, and maybe the hero-worship filtered into the psyche of my colleagues and made them believe that they were brave and hardworking and exposed to danger at the frontline. It is truly sad to witness how individuals can believe they are in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis, whilst practicing a tik-tok routine. The majority fully embraced the false belief of being ‘heros’. Believe me, they were not, and I got no thanks for pointing this out.  

I am no great intellect, but it was so clear to me that this was a scam from the start and at every new turn. After the first wave ended before it began, and some of the beds started to fill, I witnessed the farce of beds being moved daily into bays colour coded to reflect the PCR status of patients, negative or positive, symptomatic or not, and it was interesting to note how the symptoms expanded to encompass practically everything. It was a merry go round of beds, clearly this ‘virus’ was now safely contained in its new bay, with no doors.

As far as the PCR goes, this is another story entirely, yet another essential component of the hoax, and by the way, a separate FOI request revealed that every test was run at over 40 cycles.

I resigned when, in the June following the first ‘wave’, it was decreed that we now had to wear masks at all times, not just around those deemed to be ‘infected’.

As the jib jab put in an appearance, I actually did witness medical carnage and suffering. This was not relayed on the nightly news though. I was working in an ’out of hours’ primary care role then, and entering a home where residents had all been jabbed the week before, I was informed that the home was struck down ‘with covid’, and many of those residents died one by one. It was a presentation across all care facilities that I entered at that time.  It was truly heartbreaking.

The carnage continues, quietly, I won’t detail here and now the myriad of symptoms in all combinations that the jabbed present with, but it is frequent and if not attributed to ‘long covid’ that mythical catch-all, then it is largely mis-attributed, mistreated with more pharmaceuticals, or simply ignored.

I take no pleasure in relaying this, it was a dark and disturbing time, it was and still is unrelenting, I am visiting patients in a new role now, and I am again greeted at the doors of care homes to be informed there is a current ‘outbreak’ and offered a mask. I always decline, but it is hard not to give a look of sheer disgust that this insanity persists.

This is my personal testimony. Do with it what you will. 

Much love.

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