The Perfect Storm

By Harry Hopkins

The last three and a half years have been pretty seismic by anybody’s standards. To those of us who are fully aware of what is afoot, there is no doubt that we are fighting a war against those who would impose their Great Reset upon the world. We are under attack from so many fronts it does indeed feel like we are up against a perfect storm.

Society in general is now beginning to strain at the edges and decent people are taking actions that are brought about by the increasing realisation that we are governed by those who not only do not care for us, but are actively conspiring to do us down at every opportunity. People are seen as nothing more than units of production, useless eaters or cash cows to be milked for all we are we worth. As we go deeper into the malaise of societal breakdown this becomes ever more apparent.

Everywhere you look there are attacks on the norms that have previously bonded our collective lives together, whether it be health, work, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, gender identity, children’s education and welfare, neighbourliness and cohesive communities. There is an increasing lack of common courtesy and consideration for others and a breakdown of trust between organisations and the population. And then there’s the banks. These profit-centred, people-despising, usurious outfits that fall over themselves to give us an umbrella when the sun shines and then demand it back when it’s raining and who are at the forefront of driving a cashless society as a key part of a digital control system. Their prime purpose is to keep us enslaved in debt so that we cannot function as free individuals. It is difficult to comprehend that many of these monstrous organisations once had Quaker origins.

The perpetrators of the Great Reset seek to keep us focused on trivia and deflection through their control of the media whilst they push through their changes before our very eyes. Most are transfixed by what George Orwell described in his novel 1984:

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” ‘His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right.’

Life is becoming a series of battlegrounds, all intentional and all orchestrated by those who govern us. ‘The party’ (whichever one, it doesn’t matter as they are all singing from the same sheet) tell us to reject the evidence of our own eyes and sense of reason. Orwell’s novel, published in 1949, was so prescient in its vision it could have been written as fact by a time traveller from the future.

Battlegrounds are everywhere now. From the moment we step out of our houses we are challenged by forces that make life difficult. Our health service seems to be designed to discourage us from using it and when we do it is obvious that we are seen not as valued and respected patients but more as awkward obstacles in the running of a monolithic monster focussed on its own self interests. Clearly there is a concerted effort to drive the private sector as a means of provision, with the NHS being left as a third-rate service.

Motoring has become a pastime for the rich, with those who rely on this mode of transport for work penalised at every turn. Not only is the cost of fuel ridiculously high, but insurance premiums are driven ever upwards in part by the insanity of the electric car push and their colossal associated costs, not to mention their dangers. Nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the London area where the Mayor has taken it upon himself to extract as much money from already impoverished Londoners as he can by his ludicrous attempts to introduce his ULEZ schemes. Is it any wonder that vigilante groups disabling and destroying the cameras are now well established and look set to expand?

The cost of heating ones home is a huge amount not least impacting the elderly who live on limited incomes. With winter approaching, the decision to heat or eat will be at the forefront of many minds. It’s hard to believe that our island sits on a huge base of coal and is surrounded by oil but the madness continues to champion wind that rarely blows and sun that does not shine.

If people choose to eat before heat, which they surely must do, then they are faced with yet another battleground. The cost of food. The last year or so has seen huge increases in prices, not least in supermarkets and this on the strained budgets of domestic incomes that are devalued with increasing general inflation. Supermarkets are trying desperately to replace people with technology and the presence of assistants is akin to spotting an honest politician in Parliament; find one if you’re lucky!

The soaring cost of food, the reduced policing in our society (unless you happen to voice a controversial opinion and then you might get arrested), the rarity of staff in supermarkets has produced what any normal person with anything resembling half a brain would have predicted: An alarming rise in shoplifting and increased abuse and attacks on staff. The figures are now staggering and whilst many desperate people are being driven to steal, this is being supplemented by criminals who are only too happy to take advantage of the easy pickings that de staffed and un-policed supermarkets now provide.

The police do not want to be involved, so they leave the problem to lowly paid and hassled staff. Is it any wonder that many of them simply turn a blind eye to thefts for fear of putting themselves in danger? But there is a solution to this problem. Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week, Policing Minister Chris Philip urged members of the public to make citizen’s arrests if they spot shoplifters. There you have it, easy isn’t it? My reaction to this is unprintable, suffice to say that for a Minister to come up with this is proof positive that we are governed by fools whose grasp on reality is tenuous at best, delusional at worst and who think that divide and rule will keep a lid on things.

The perfect storm is with us, but the good news is this: The more the globalists drive us into a life of hardship and penury and the more they make it difficult for us to survive, the more people will take it into their own hands to fight the injustices that are foisted upon them. They have gone too far in their Great Reset. The Blade Runners are just the start; when our freedom is curtailed and our lives are threatened, they may find they have opened a Pandora’s box that they will wish had stayed well and truly shut. Perhaps out of all this we can indeed create a Great Reset, but one which will be a million miles from the one the Globalists envisage.

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