WE Are Not the 99%

By Paul Ursell

I notice from the Nigel Farage saga that the financial control mechanism to run a social credit system is already largely in place so that those of us who express scepticism about “vaccines” or the Climate Change narrative or the righteousness of the Ukraine war can easily be segregated and punished when the time comes to consolidate the New World Order. Today I was in the Post Office and there is a sign up indicating restrictions on cash bank transactions. In Sainsbury’s the other day I noticed a new Smart Payment area which no doubt will be extended gradually. The local Council tells me parking fees are now being adjusted to discriminate against users of older supposed carbon non-sustainable vehicles. Everywhere we can see the Great Reset happening and our attempts to resist look – to be frank with you – futile. Rebels that were in Greenwich at least have melted away and appear to be complying with Government policies. Even keen rebels are using the parking apps on their mobile phones to cough up to the Consolidated Fund and the Ukraine War.

We are consenting to pay for depleted uranium shells and pay Comrade Zelensky’s wages. There are more than 500000 Ukrainian dead or seriously wounded and Britain and British Democracy has helped dig the bottomless pit consuming blood and hearts at a ferocious rate. There is little or no local action of resistance taking place where I live and coma of the Spirit reigns along with the New Normal.

The policy decisions to phase out cash and phase in Government credits, to continue with Endless War, to get rid of privately owned vehicles and restrict movement through smart electronic systems, to enforce uniformity of belief, isolate and eliminate opposition and finally reduce the population to a sustainable, “green” level through coerced, lethal injection – all of these decisions have been made and the huge machinery of the State and MegaCorpse organized and set in motion to achieve the goals considered right and proper. In effect as many of us realized during the Covid campaign – the World Government is using the military industrial complex at its disposal to attack national populations in an overall psychological and medical war against everyone – most grievously and satanically against the children of the world.

From where I am standing WE are not the 99% – we are at most 10-15 in a hundred and of that minority the greater part has already surrendered to the matrix and been effectively amalgamated. Some people imagine they will be allowed to build up an alternative to the matrix in a parallel existence. Perhaps, wealthy people imagine their money status will give them immunity. Alas no totalitarian regime has yet allowed parallel dispensations to Big Brothers. It would be realism to face up to the fact of imminent enslavement and just accept that one is doomed along with the plebs.

In the recent by-elections protest parties were trounced by the Uni-party, blue, red and yellow – a rainbow coalition of puppets – all acting as theatrical characters or front for the oligarchs, banking magnates and globalist controllers off stage. Lets face it we are completely trapped in a spiritual coma and by the machinery of Electoral Dictatorship.

The voters voted for more servitude in the 3 constituencies. Only 45% of the electorate showed up and among those who made no show were the “Awake”. The Woke are voting and will vote in the General Election and bting in Comrade Starmer – the “Awake” absent themselves from decision because they have no one to represent them. I grant you it is an unequal struggle and one might conclude only a miracle wrought by prayer can possibly prevent the doom.

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