Smart is the New Stupid

By Harry Hopkins

There is no doubt in my mind that everything in the modern world that is prefixed by the word ‘smart’ is to be avoided like the plague. Smart gadgets have one aim and that is to take any kind of responsibility away from the individual and place it in the hands of – for want of a better phrase – Big Brother. Smart technology takes away the decision-making process that is necessary to any person who aspires to have responsibility for their own existence. Smart gadgets (whichever one you choose: phone, utilities meter, TV, surveillance, watch, etc.) are necessary in the establishment of ‘smart cities’ and indeed a smart world, which is what the Great Reset is all about.

They are marketed and pushed under the guise of making our lives easier, safer and having more control over them. The opposite is true. They profess to give us access to information we didn’t even know we wanted, much less needed. But the intention of this technology is far more sinister. What people don’t seem to realise is that the more smart technology they willingly adopt the more they give up their freedom and become prisoners in a spider’s web in which they will ultimately relinquish their individuality and all aspects of freedom of choice.

Smart technology is intentionally addictive and is the main weapon that is being used in the attempts to usher in the Great Reset. It is necessary for the ultimate merging of technology and humanity; transhumanism as it is called. Those who see this as the way forward make no secret of it.

It is the foundation and building block of taking away any individual responsibly for just about anything of consequence and placing it in the hands of the State or, to be more precise, the desired world government.

What prompted me to write this piece was an advert I recently came across, by chance, for one of the latest examples of a ‘smart watch’. Like many men I have a hobby which is based on collecting (what is it with men and collecting? The fairer sex don’t seem to suffer from this affliction). I collect old, vintage, mechanical wristwatches. Having trained as an engineer, I have a fascination for small pieces of micro engineering whirring away inaudibly on my wrist that tell the time.

Because of my hobby, I have a habit of noticing what people wear on their wrists and I have long been aware of the smart watches that are sported by many. Until I saw this advert I hadn’t taken much notice of just what they could offer the wearer. In my ignorance I had assumed they were mainly aimed at athletes and fitness fanatics who wanted to measure their heart rate and walking/ running distance, harmless in itself. In light of the last three plus years, everything takes on a different meaning; technological product development has entered a whole new area and I look at it with very different eyes.

The new smart watch is called ‘The vitality watch’ and you really cannot believe what this thing is capable of. Strapped to your wrist, in a neat and relatively small package, is a piece of technology that will be warmly welcomed by the Great Reset early adopters. Those of us who are fully aware of what the Agenda 30 end game is will see in it yet another step in the development towards a monitored and controlled population.

For the knock down price of £67 you get a watch that lists 22 major functions which will cause major drooling at the mouth of those who think this is progress. The main points it can monitor in real time are:

* Heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and, scarcely believable, a special laser on the inside of the watch face that can perform an ECG on the wearer; – this is claimed to be life-saving 24/7 health monitoring.

* Step counter – to make sure you are on track to maintain optimum fitness.

* Sleep manager – go to bed and be woken up at the optimum time for you.

* Ability to make and receive phone calls. – of course!

* Ability to use AI assistance for more seamless integration with your smart home and other connected devices.

* Enhanced blue tooth connectivity.

* Sedentary warning – tells you when to sit less and move more.

The above are just a few of the benefits this device purports to make available to the wearer.
For a full description of this ‘Premium smart watch and specialist health monitoring device in one’ (to quote their blurb) you can check it out here.

Now I don’t know about you, but going about my everyday life with something strapped to my wrist that will constantly measure every aspect of how my body is performing and being prompted by all sorts of bells and whistles that alert me to negative readings doesn’t sound like a recipe for good health. More like a guaranteed reason to arouse anxiety and uncertainty because my blood pressure is too high, my oxygen levels aren’t high enough and that self-administered ECG, to my untrained eye, looks like I might keel over with a heart attack at any moment. Not to mention my discomfort because I haven’t achieved my daily number of steps due to me being on my computer for too long and being constantly harangued by the ‘sedentary warning’ because I haven’t gotten off my backside often enough.

Rather than help me to keep myself in good order, all this monitoring of how my body is performing appears to me to be a recipe for a health profile that would be descending at an alarming rate due, in its entirety, to wearing this useless and dangerous piece of kit. However, you can see how it can be helpful to those who would control us. In a world as imagined by Mr Schwab, we will all be connected by technology, which means wearing or indeed being implanted with stuff like this.

Here’s the thing. I love wearing a watch, but as previously mentioned my watches are anything up to 107 years old. My oldest was made in 1916, out of solid silver, which even today keeps reasonably good time. It is as far as you can get from a modern smart watch. Rather than cause me agitation with its multitude of technological nonsense that can only have negative connotations, when I wear this age-old object it makes me feel good. It is also an asset in a world of fiat money, insecurity and threats by Mr Schwab that we will “own nothing and be happy”.

Without meaning to appear smug or self-satisfied, I would pose a question: Who is wearing the smart watch here? Me with my ancient timepiece that awakens in me positive vibes and which in itself is worth something, or those who fall hook, line and sinker for the latest technology that ultimately could be used to enslave us? Not all scientific or technological progress is good for humanity. Much of it, as we are finding out, is intended to serve an entirely opposite agenda. Which is why I conclude by saying that the modern drive to ‘smartness’ is, in reality, the route to stupidity.

Tinderella – City Lights:

Politician bought e-scooter, public menace pavement looter
Knocked over an online tutor, playing games on his computer
Batteries charged from burning trees, pesticides killed birds and bees
GM pollen made him sneeze, he hit a lamp post, grazed his knees

Artificial processed tinned
Blue plastic blowing in the wind
Ugly brutal nothing pretty
Nothing smart in this smart city

Had too many in a bar, hooked up with an electric car
It drove him to a seminar, while fondling his avatar
Hung out under 5G towers, he got a buzz for hours and hours
The signal gave him super powers, he floated on magnetic flowers

(Distributed by CD Baby. Verse: Am G D Chorus: E G; Tinderella/YT/)

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