There Is No More Doubt that the Covid Vax Is Killing People

At the Exit The Who conference in Dublin (Feb 6, 2024). Andrew Bridgen MP explains the sneaky tactics being employed to trick the public into giving away their democratic rights under the guise of ‘for your health and safety’. (AislingOLoughlin/Bitchute)

Steve Kirsch Speaks To Members Of The U.K. Parliament About The Dangers Of COVID Vaccines – 12/04/23 – (Calenbrown/Bitchute)

UK Prime Minister: ‘Covid Vaccines Are Safe’

The PM’s answer to my question today did not say the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ were effective, even if they were safe, which they are not, who would take an experimental treatment that is not effective?

I wonder if RishiSunak will follow Tony Blair… (stephenengineer/Bitchute)

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