We Must Stop the Global Coup

By Ray Wilson

Where There Is a Wheel

January 27th, 2024, is a very significant day. The Holocaust, a genocide in World War II, is commemorated annually on January 27th to honour victims and raise awareness about hatred, discrimination, and violence originating from Hitler’s racial purity policies. January 27th, 2024, is also the last day for the World Health Organisation to get the preposed amendments passed, as they are legally obligated to do, four months ahead of the May 2024 deadline.

“Bad news,” Rich announces as he pokes his head out of the workshop door.

“I am not sure about these spokes, Ray. Take a look.”

The hound leaps out of the sidecar as soon as I open the canopy and cavorts up the path to greet my brother.

“Pass me the vernier, Rich. They are imperial, but let’s trim 3mm off of each spoke. I think it will work.”

Rich isn’t convinced, but with a bit of mechanical jiggery-pokery, we think we can begin the rebuild.
A spoked wheel is a remarkable engineering marvel that stands as a testament to the power of unity and collaboration. Comprising individual spokes, each seemingly fragile on its own, the wheel transforms into a powerhouse of strength and durability when these spokes join forces. The combination of seemingly weak elements can create a revolution—a spinning wheel of unparalleled strength. A spoked wheel’s true strength lies in its interconnectedness, where each spoke is connected to a central hub. The wheel’s distributed load-bearing capacity ensures no single element bears the entire weight, enhancing resilience. The flexibility of the spokes allows the wheel to adapt to varying terrains. The strength in numbers comes from the endurance of the wheel, demonstrating that collective efforts lead to sustained success.
Tiggi, my brother’s cat, watches us closely, occasionally shifting attention to the hound from her vantage point—the kitchen window.

“Tiggi is now registered with the holistic vet based just out of the village,” Rich tells me. They have an extensive code of conduct. One important part for me is that they promise that they will never, under any circumstances, euthanise a healthy animal.”

“I wish that there were more veterinarian practices like that around.” I am about to say something else, but don’t.

“Come on, Ray, spit it out. Let’s have a coffee.”
My heart is heavy. I am sick to the stomach from the decades of government shenanigans involving so-called philanthropists pushing eugenics and now euthanasia as the perfect remedy to our life’s woes. Decrease the surplus population and save money at the same time.

“Sorry, Rich,I was thinking about what you said about euthanasia,” I reply pensively.

“What about it?” Rich asks.

Dad is getting ready to go shopping, and my brother Steve is taking him. His fingers are trying to grip the coat buttons.

“Steve won’t be here for at least a quarter of an hour, dad,” I point out.

“Did I tell you about the culling of pets in World War II?” Dad gets the correct button into the buttonhole.

“I don’t remember much about it,” dad says, just that we wouldn’t let our little cat Tibby be killed. “A government pamphlet in the summer of 1939 led to a massive pet cull; there was a big panic.”

In the glorious summer of 1939, a summer much like the summer of 2020, just before the outbreak of war, the National Air Raid Precautions Animals Committee (NARPAC) was formed. It drafted a notice, Advice to Animal Owners.

The pamphlet said, “If at all possible, send or take your household animals into the country in advance of an emergency.” It concluded: “If you cannot place them in the care of neighbours, it really is kindest to have them destroyed.” It resulted in up to 750,000 pet deaths a week.

The advice was printed in almost every newspaper and announced on the BBC.

The Rockefellers were behind the creation of the WHO in 1948.

The World Health Organisation was established on April 7, 1948, as a specialised United Nations agency to address global health issues and promote international cooperation in public health. Its constitution was adopted in 1946, and its primary goal is to ensure the highest level of health for all people globally.

In the 1940s, psychiatry leaders like G. Brock Chisholm and John Rawlings Rees, co-founders of the World Federation for Mental Health, aimed to reshape societal norms by eradicating the concept of right and wrong. This plan, rooted in the educational system, targeted professions like teaching, law, and medicine, aiming to change individual thinking patterns. Over the past seven or more decades, these goals have deeply impacted educational and social structures. This has been a long-term objective of the cult stealthy introduced for “the common good.”

We must stop the treaty, stop the global coup, and stop the pandemic treaty. Amendments will be legally binding; we will be slaves in a digital health prison without respect for human dignity, without respect for human rights, and without any fundamental freedoms. The amendments will reach their draft conclusions by the middle of January 2024 and provide many financial benefits for the WHO. The idea is to increase the funding for the WHO by at least 10 times.

The amendments are an immediate and direct threat to us—a direct threat to our animals, pets, and environment. To our human rights and to our fundamental freedoms, they are a direct assault on humanity. They’re changing non-binding statements to legally binding ones. This is a totalitarian move. All nations shall and must be obligated and have a duty to collaborate with and assist other nations. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the WHO, can bring any restrictions or interventions on the mere suspicion of an incident. It doesn’t need to be a pathogen affecting humans; it could be cats, birds, farm animals, or anything he dreams up; in fact, it could be climate—too much CO2 or too much sunshine. If the amendments pass, they can mandate masks, lockdowns, isolation, business closures, church shutdowns, and stop any gathering. They can mandate forcibly giving pharmaceutical drugs and injectables and ban the use of vitamins, minerals, and any alternative therapy for people and animals worldwide. They can force the implementation of fake PCR tests, biometrics, and any digital test or monitoring ID system to further restrict movement. The unelected WHO and its unelected employees tucked away in Geneva are exempt from tax, and they and their families have diplomatic immunity. If our idiot politicians believe that they are elites living their rarefied lives and are a protected species by signing us up, they have a shock coming—they are useful idiots, and once their job is done, they are expendable. Our government, like all governments, is under blackmail, as are their agencies, media, health, military. The Cult controls it all, but not us—never us—for we, the people, are sovereign. The government believes that if the WHO has absolute control, they—the politicians—will be relieved of the burden of blame.

“Nothing to do with us—Tedros said that we have to do it—no, we don’t like it—yes, we are so sorry, but the dictates are legally binding, so we have to do it—it’s all for the common good.”

We do not consent; we will protect our families and our animals at any cost.

We will not consent to our bodies and minds being injected, sprayed, or exposed to deadly toxins via pharmacological agents or in our food and water. We do not consent to control by the WHO or its so-called pandemic preparedness treaty. Our rights and freedoms should not be sacrificed in the name of a so-called “common good” that is imposed upon us without our consent. We stand united in our determination to safeguard our health, autonomy, and the well-being of our loved ones.

The World Health Organisation and its stakeholders have financial and ideological stakes in vaccines, with a goal of supplying 500 by 2030. They are creating legislation to force injections for the pharmaceutical industry. The WHO promotes gain-of-function research, which aids in the development of harmful infections and vaccines. The number of immunisations administered to newborns and children has surged without governmental oversight. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed regulatory organisations’ criminal incompetence and corruption at the hands of pharmaceutical business interests.

We measure each spoke and carefully prepare it. There is a pattern; each spoke attaches the hub to the rim, alternately exiting the hub first from the front and the next spoke from the back—a pattern mirrored on the other side. This pattern ensures that the wheel is balanced and stable, allowing for smooth and efficient movement. The precision and attention to detail in constructing the wheel reflect our commitment to ensuring its functionality and reliability.

“Looking better?” I ask.

Rich smiles. “It’s confusing to start with, but once you do it, it’s straight-forward.”

When all the spokes come together, they create a wheel that is not only strong but also possesses the endurance to cover vast distances. Likewise, a united front of individuals can endure hardships and challenges over the long run. The strength derived from numbers reinforces the idea that collective efforts lead to sustained success. We need the numbers—all our human family—to stand united, vaccinated or not—every boy,girl, woman, and man. Together, we can overcome any obstacles and achieve our goals. By standing united, we can create a world where everyone is safe and protected. Let us join hands and work towards a future that is resilient and inclusive for all.

The seemingly weak spokes, when combined, create a structure that is not only robust but also capable of withstanding the test of time. As we navigate the journey of life, let us draw inspiration from the spoked wheel, recognising that our individual strengths, when united, can build a spinning wheel of enduring resilience, capable of covering hundreds of thousands of miles on the road of challenges and triumphs.

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