Maybe There’s Hope After All?

By Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D. How not to win the masses to the cause of truth Just recently another person died in close proximity to having received the covid jab. As can be expected, we on the freedom front here in New Zealand were unanimous in our horror at yet another needless death, and certain

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The Rising Is Happening

The Great Rising launched yesterday. Some of the best minds working against the tyranny of the globalists met in Stroud, Gloucestershire to unite in pushing back against the unelected one world government dictatorship. (Richard Vobes/YT) See also: The Great Rising Stop Them!’ FREE Download Book – Order now Coming soon: How to Avoid Digital Slavery


Resist by The White Rose Project*: ‘Resist’ by The White Rose Project—Copyright Jeff Brewer 2021. (TheBoatRawker/Bitchute) *Incidently, neither this music video nor the ‘White Rose Project’ are associated with The White Rose UK. Lyrics You are the Resistance Trudeau tried to stick me with a needle yesterday I could see it coming from a mile

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