On Fighting Back

By J M Some tips on fighting back. We can cause disruption to many organizations by contacting them and quoting a section from the ‘discrimination in your rights’. Indirect discrimination… Putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone, but that put someone with a protected characteristic at an unfair disadvantage, i.e. mental illness,

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Japan Resisting the WHO

Thousands Attend Demonstration Against WHO & New World Order Across Multiple Locations In Japan! (UnmaskMaine/Bitchute): A Message from Japan to the World about the COVID HOAX – Prof Masayasu Inoue (AntiNWO/Bitchute): Major Japanese Press Conference on Covid Vaccine Injuries and Death: They were stirring up that the vaccine should be taken for people with diseases,

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Maybe There’s Hope After All?

By Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D. How not to win the masses to the cause of truth Just recently another person died in close proximity to having received the covid jab. As can be expected, we on the freedom front here in New Zealand were unanimous in our horror at yet another needless death, and certain

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