Resist by The White Rose Project*: ‘Resist’ by The White Rose Project—Copyright Jeff Brewer 2021. (TheBoatRawker/Bitchute) *Incidently, neither this music video nor the ‘White Rose Project’ are associated with The White Rose UK. Lyrics You are the Resistance Trudeau tried to stick me with a needle yesterday I could see it coming from a mile

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What Will Happen Without Cash?

Cash is freedom – use it or lose it! The Government is planning to introduce programmable digital currency. Everything will be digital: All money will be dependent on the internet – vulnerable to cyber attacks, power cuts and tech failure. All your money transactions will be monitored and controlled by the state. Access to your

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Ten Steps of the Global Walkout

Step 10 – The Global Walkout: In this video, the presenter of Global Walkout recaps the nine previous steps and introduces the tenth step of the Global Walkout. These are suggestions how to resist digital globalism and tyranny. On top of that, try to enrol one friend into the walkout and make sure you’re subscribed,

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