My Net Zero Climate Change Broadside

By Douglas Brodie

Dear Mr Munro,

Thank you for your invitation to apply for a place at Sir Edward Mountain’s forthcoming “Let’s Talk Energy Summit”:

… the chance to share your views on Energy in the Highlands and discuss these with a diverse panel of industry professionals from the hydrogen sector, representatives relative to pylons and substations, boiler efficiency and household energy specialists, and Edward Mountain MSP.

I will pass on going to this depressing event. On the plus side, it has given me the pretext and motivation to write this anti-Net Zero broadside which I hope will be conveyed far and wide. The title mimics My Net Zero climate change rant of 18 long months ago.

I have given my views on the futility of the UK’s misguided Net Zero energy policies to Sir Edward (Conservative MSP head of the Holyrood Net Zero Committee) many times previously, e.g. herehere and here. He always chose to fob me off rather than give any written answer to my points.

The gist of my prior emails is that the man-made global warming hypothesis is a decades-old hoax and that it is pointless for the UK to self-harm by striving to reduce CO2 emissions, never mind trying to eliminate them completely and especially not unilaterally when the non-Western world is not paying a blind bit of notice to the West’s climate change” ideology, bar humouring lip service.

My response to contrived alarmist pleading such as 2023 was the hottest in 125,000 years” consists of two words which will be alien to many people, two words which give smoking gun proof that the campaign against alleged man-made global warming (aka “climate change”) is a deceitful conspiracy: Hunga Tonga. All the world can now see that meteorological authorities (e.g. the UK Met Office), the MSM and social media, politicians, COP28 activists and NGOs have conspired to suppress all news and views going against the man-made global warming narrative regarding the climatic impact of the 2022 Hunga Tonga undersea volcanic eruption which spewed massive quantities of water vapour, the most powerful greenhouse gas, high into the stratosphere to cause a huge spike in global temperature.

They obviously did this in order to continue their puerile pretence that every rise in global temperatures is due to man-made CO2 emissions, no matter the true cause. Between the periodic transient spikes of natural El Nino warming in the years prior to the unprecedented Hunga Tonga spike, global temperatures have been hovering close to where they were some 25 years ago despite all the dire predictions – a meteorologically stable situation (discounting the non-CO2 effects) which Net Zero proponents fraudulently describe as a “climate emergency”.

A search for Hunga Tonga on green billionaire-bribed BBC News yields zilch of relevance. They especially want to suppress Hunga Tonga because it confirmed that water vapour is a much more potent global warming agent than CO2. The fatal flaw in the Mickey Mouse scaremongering put out by these globalist conspirators is that it is so easily seen through. According to the UN IPCC’s disputed climate modelling, CO2-forced global warming is supposed to happen at a slow but steady rate of about 0.2°C per decade, not as a sudden jump of 0.9°C in 10 months as happened in 2023, with a minor assist from a relatively weak, now waning El Nino.

My colleague Jaime Jessop has documented this Hunga Tonga chicanery in her Hunga Games and follow-up posts, as has the indefatigable Paul Homewood. Once the Hunga Tonga atmospheric water vapour dissipates, I predict that the global temperature spike will subside into continued flatlining (bar natural ENSO events) followed by a resumption of the global cooling trend which apparently started in 2016, mapping neatly onto the studiously-ignored regular AMO cycle which caused the global cooling scare of the 1960s-70s.

As to the futile “solutions” to the non-problem of “climate change”, technologies like wind power, green hydrogen and carbon capture and storage are hopelessly impractical, ruinously expensive and unsustainable. These pointless malinvestments are being exploited by grifters to make an opportunist profit on the back of false establishment propaganda and never-justified subsidies which have to be paid for by long-suffering, hard-pressed tax-payers, businesses and households.

Sir Edward should instead be seeking to reduce our ever-soaring energy costs and avoid the grid blackouts which are looming because of his disastrous Net Zero policies. The UK came close to minor blackouts last cold, dark, windless December as documented in this post by Jaime Jessop. Far more important are the major blackouts which are guaranteed in the future by our suicidal reliance on weather-dependent renewables and the running down of our essential fossil fuel and nuclear electricity generation capabilities.

The recent T4 electricity supply auction for 2027-28 revealed an almost total failure to secure any new-build CGCT or other large-scale generation, unsurprising given the insane Con/Lab/Lib/SNP Uniparty plans to shut down all fossil fuel electricity generation. These Uniparty politicians are criminally irresponsible in having no credible electricity supply backup plan for when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, other than severe rationing (smart meters to the fore). Their “crimes against thermodynamics” Net Zero plans are eviscerated in this post by energy analyst David Turver, and this.

Even the climate change fanatics of the bought-and-paid-for Daily Telegraph are backtracking, with Jeremy Warner admitting that unilateral Net Zero is pointless and Matthew Lynn saying that (non-paywalled copy) “Net Zero … is crushing the life out of the economy”. The days of Net Zero are surely numbered, as exemplified by the catalogue of failures in this Net Zero samizdat and this.

Instead of the mis-labelled “green” technologies being pushed by Sir Edward and his colleagues, we should be encouraging domestic fracking and the full exploitation of North Sea oil and gas resources, vigorously developing nuclear power and removing all the Net Zero constraints on fossil fuel energy use, including clean coal. In short, we should scrap Net Zero (new petition), as pledged by the Reform Party, including its suspiciously anti-humanity evolution into a war on farming.

Pursuing astronomically-expensive Net Zero is certain to lead to stunted economic growth, impoverishment and deindustrialisation. Net Zero-provoked industrial tragedies such as the pending shutdown of the Port Talbot blast furnaces and the Grangemouth oil refinery together with ongoing degradations to and malinvestments in our energy infrastructure are reducing the UK to being an insecure basket case, all for the fatuous purpose of offshoring our CO2 emissions.

For years I thought that our politicians were too non-technical to understand these engineering issues. I now believe that impoverishment and deindustrialisation has been their deliberate plan all along, or at least the plan they are following like subservient puppets (or unthinking muppets) at the bidding of their psychopathic globalist overlords who believe that “the real enemy, then, is humanity itself” (Club of Rome). I have never seen any credible rebuttal of this opinion (they would say conspiracy theory), which coincides suspiciously with the hardships and malfeasances inflicted on the people by the deep state’s globally-coordinated, Uniparty-complicit, unlawfulmaligndestructiveeasily seen throughno worse than flu Covid-19 “plandemic”.

Maybe the reason why an unusually high number of MPs have already announced they are standing down at the next general election (95 to date) is because many have belatedly realised they are being used as pawns in globalist conspiracies to commit crimes against humanity. It’s high time for someone in authority to stand up and come clean. Sadly, that is unlikely to happen because they are in too deep, here taunted in parliament on crimes against humanity.

For years the incumbent UK Uniparty political class (Con/Lab/Lib/SNP) has shown deep hostility to the electorate they are supposed to serve. It doesn’t matter which party is in power as they all back the same self-harming, never-endorsed globalist policies like UN IPCC Net Zero, UN Agenda 2030, WHO-controlled “pandemic” preparedness and IOM-facilitated immigration. It is no longer so-called right versus left that should matter to the electorate, it should be freedom versus 1984-style totalitarianism.

In this 3-minute video, Neil Oliver senses that the long-simmering anger of the people against being abused on multiple fronts is coming to the boil and that our unrepentant oppressors are belatedly getting nervous of the storm which could be coming. He continues in the same vein in his latest monologue, ripping into WEF Davos placeman Rishi Sunak and lambasting our useless Uniparty politicians and their globalist controllers. The best hope for the future may be that people stop voting for the lying, treasonous Uniparty, before they try to lock us into their ulterior goal of tyrannical one-world governance.

Yours faithfully,

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 5 March 2024

A response to this article:

We have been conned for years on this. The reason we are getting floods is due to humans, not climate change. The more roads and houses they build the more concrete and tarmac they use. Also more people are concreting their gardens which stops rainwater from draining away. To build homes you must destroy trees which soak up thousands of gallons of water.

We have areas here near me that never flooded until they built housing estates and roads. Another fact is the government is building estates on land they clearly know are flood plains, so inevitably will flood.

I have been reading for the past two months how we are going to have blizzards and 80 – 90 MPH winds. I am still waiting to see this snow. I have only seen it on the high ground and it’s normal for this time of year. Also the wind is measured on top of some of the highest and isolated peaks. These measurements are not accurate for our towns, but we are being made to think that to scare us.

They have been claiming since the 1960s that we are doomed. It was called the Green House effect and other names. They blamed aerosols,
gas from fridges, leaded fuel, and the ozone layer, yet although we have reduced these and nothing has changed, so they continue to find other things to blame, to carry on with their lies and deceit.

If they can’t predict accurately the weather for the next day, how can they predict it for the next 50 or 100 years? If CO2 is so bad, why does Rishi Sunak use a helicopter to travel less than 100 miles, and why does Sadique Khan drive a six-liter gas-guzzling 4×4?


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