Farmers’ Revolution in Poland: ‘Withdraw the Green Deal as a Whole’

Revolution taking place in Poland NOW: 70,000 farmers have just shut down Poland – and the mainstream press ignores it! The establishment is obviously hoping you’d forgotten about all this. (Jeff Taylor/YT) Drivers in Poland experienced significant traffic disruptions countrywide on Wednesday due to a massive farmers’ protest against EU policies and the influx of

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This Is What Happens When Your National Government Gets Penetrated by Globalist Activists from the World Economic Forum

Trudeau and Rutte ‘golden pin-up boys’ for World Economic Forum: Rowan Dean: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte are “golden pin-up boys” for Klaus Schwab and the globalist fantasists of the World Economic Forum, says Sky News host Rowan Dean. “The similarities between Canada and Holland are as startling as

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Ukraine Betrayed

  Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Katy-Jo Murfin with Monday’s UK Column News. Topics in this video: 00:31 – Queen’s Speech 03:36 – Energy Prices And Profits Soar 04:57 – Is The Economy Cracking Up? 14:06 – Sinn Fein Forms Largest Party In Northern Ireland After Unionists Implode 22:55 – Heading Towards A

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Poland House of Representatives’ Investigation Committee Inauguration With Dr Reiner Fuellmich

About Dr. Reiner Füllmich: Dr Reiner Füllmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will lead over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical specialists and sue CDC, WHO and Davos Group for crimes against humanity. What is the Nuremberg 2.0 project? The Nuremberg

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More of Danser Encore Spreading in Europe and Worldwide

Watch earlier flashmobs here: https://thewhiterose.uk/danser-encore-flashmob-dancing-again/ Do you want to join a LONDON flashmob? Please get in touch: https://thewhiterose.uk/contact/ We are looking for musicians, singers and dancers. Any instrument welcome. Get notes, lyrics etc. here: https://thewhiterose.uk/english-lyrics-for-danser-encore/ Austria Israel Belgium Germany https://youtu.be/XzILHLidgps Canada Holland Switzerland Poland Russia Martinique Hungary Portugal Italy