I Use Cash All the Time

A response by a reader to ‘Don’t kill cash’

Do you really think that the elderly and others are going to scan a code?

Government and ministers are a tiny percentage of the population and in no way represent the desires of us people.

They act like they think they should act (the money helps).

Most English folk have no idea about what the politicians are steering the country towards.

Our kids are all brainwashed through schooling and media. They think cash is old-fashioned, slow, dirty, whatever …

They think the best food is the food that is most heavily promoted and btw very tasty. And they’re so busy trying to live like they want success or work things out, they don’t have time to think. They have been taught in such a way that it is extremely stressful to try to negate those ingrained ideas.

If everyone, regardless of age, got encouraged to eat something they’d grown or picked locally then micronutrients would change everything for the better.

I use cash all the time. Always have.

One small change, maybe pick blueberries, collect apples … there are tons of stuff.
Eat local foods. Pay cash at farmers markets. Pay cash everywhere it’s so easy and you won’t exceed your card limit.

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