Watch: Society Controlled or Free?

Note: Special mention of the White Rose UK around 4:25:00!
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The globalists’ agenda has already been set in motion, which means time is of the essence to get familiar with their strategies and understand their techniques so as to rise above and push back for the future of the society.

On April 11th, 2024 at 11:45am ET, viewers have the opportunity to watch a special event that unmasks the players involved in this world domination scheme and their methodology.

Learn about the World Economic Forum, UN Agenda 2030, World Health Organization, artificial intelligence, CBDCs, social credit scores, Net Zero and more.

Speakers include:
-Scott McCollough, Esq.
-Andrew Bridgen, MP
-Sandi Adams
-Dr. Tess Lawrie
…and other special guest speakers


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