Covid Pass

We Are Approaching a Critical Turning Point in Modern Human History and the Outlook Is Very Unclear

By Doug Brodie My heretical epitaph Introduction  With my 80th birthday looming and in revulsion at the concerted, multi-pronged political attacks assailing us (set out below), the unusual purpose of this post is to present a draft of my own epitaph. I’ve done this now while I’m still up-to-date for the benefit of the many

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Vaccinating Children Regardless Of the Science

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News. 00:25 – Vaccinating Children Regardless Of the Science 20:51 – Nurses Speak Out 26:17 – Israel’s Failed Vaccination Policy Promoted By Religious Leaders 39:27 – UK Column Viewer Receives Passport Offer Despite Being Unvaccinated 40:00 – French Protests 42:13 – Campaign Against COVID

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Covid Pass Exemption

This is how you can find out about covid pass exemptions. It is of course unlawful to ask anyone to prove their status of health and medication, but in some cases, declaring exemption might be helpful. The NHS states on their website for businesses that ‘There will also be a small number of exemptions for

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