We Are Approaching a Critical Turning Point in Modern Human History and the Outlook Is Very Unclear

By Doug Brodie

My heretical epitaph


With my 80th birthday looming and in revulsion at the concerted, multi-pronged political attacks assailing us (set out below), the unusual purpose of this post is to present a draft of my own epitaph. I’ve done this now while I’m still up-to-date for the benefit of the many who rely on the woeful mainstream media for their news, to share my carefully-researched insights on the tyrannical forces which are waging undeclared war against us. 

It grieves me that so many people still don’t realise that they are being horribly abused by our political class and unelected, unaccountable global agencies who all share the dystopian, never-justified mindset that human beings are a blight on the planet. I show below how this sadly intractable situation has been engineered by globally-coordinated subliminal brainwashing, censorship and the spreading of misinformation (deliberate lies) by the captured mainstream media

We are said to be approaching a critical turning point in modern human history and the outlook is very unclear. 

This is my third and final swan-song! It is more focused and accusatory than my previous one of 6 months ago and unavoidably quite long because of the breadth of the subject matter. 

I’m hoping that my allegedly “crackpot, down a rabbit hole” heretical opinions as judged by today’s brainwashed majority will in time come to be accepted as having been right all along. Unfortunately, in the words of Mark Twain “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”. 

The main tenets of my epitaph 

I believe that the globalist establishment and their puppet politicians are seeking, by any means they can, to impose their openly-announced Great Reset (aka UN Agenda 2030/21) on the global population. Unfortunately, it has a covert aim which is to reduce the people to shackled serfdom while allowing those at the top to retain their power and wealth. In the linked video, climate journalist and author Marc Morano gives an apocalyptic 35-minute presentation on how our globalist overlords are weaponising multi-pronged chaos to collapse our current society in order to impose an unbelievably dystopian future on us, if we allow them. 

The Great Reset was endorsed by then Prince Charles at its January 2020 launch at WEF Davos. That was very unwise given that it constitutes a massive attack on our democracy and freedoms. The most pressing priority of the globalists is to frighten and subjugate the people enough to prevent any insurrection when their unsustainable unfunded debt triggers a meltdown of the global financial system, with the money for pensions all gone. Search here for Manookian to read or listen to her views on how they plan a controlled demolition of our global political and economic civilisation. See also this recent article

I believe that the Covid so-called pandemic was a pre-planned, globally-coordinated “plandemic” in which premeditated severe iatrogenic harm was inflicted on the health and lives of the global population, expanded further below. An elaborate deception was enacted (detailed here) to pretend that the only hope for salvation was to get everyone vaccinated. The ulterior intent was to try to force the global population into digital straitjackets via digital vaccine passports, and to facilitate a degree of global depopulation (a very large degree in the view of Dr Mike Yeadon, see his video below). 

See also this prescient 2009 warning from the time of the first SARS scare. 

The 2022 Reiner Fuellmich Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity model trial presented detailed expert evidenceon this evil criminality. Dr Fuellmich gives a horrifying summary in his 35-minute closing arguments. The full trial evidence with summary is available here. Sadly, the trial has been completely hidden from the general public by the corrupt, complicit mainstream media. Strange that, for a virus falsely painted to be a deadly killer but actually no more serious than flu

See also this outlier Scottish Daily Express report that Nicola Sturgeon is being criminally investigated by homicide police for over 5,500 deaths in Scottish care homes during Covid. 

The only good thing about Covid is that it hardened already-sceptical views on the climate change scare through the global establishment and their cabal of treasonous politicians showing their evil true colours during their Covid plandemic. Hopefully more people will now “join the dots”. 

I believe that the climate change agenda which the global establishment has been pushing for over 30 years is an elaborate horribly-entrenched fraud which has nothing to do with global warming. Its real purpose is to be a trojan horse for the imposition of one-world governance, the digital subjugation of the world’s population and global depopulation, the latter let slip by VP Kamila Harris (and David Attenborough). The Net Zero trojan horse metaphor was even used recently by a columnist (or sub-editor) of the pro-establishment Daily Telegraph. Could the tide be turning? 

I believe that atmospheric CO2 has negligible global warming impact and that there is no need and no point in trying to reduce man-made CO2 emissions, notwithstanding the massive, all-pervasive efforts being wasted on this futile endeavour. The so-called “climate crisisbeing pushed by eco-fanatics and dishonest (or woefully uninformed) politicians is an unscientific fiction.  

Unilateral Western efforts to cut CO2 emissions based on climate pseudo-science are doubly unjustified as there is no likelihood of the world’s developing economies following suit. President Xi Jinping has reiterated that China will not be bound by the Paris Agreement and is on a spree of building coal-fired power stations which will still be running 60 years from now. The UK generates just 1% of global CO2 emissions so prime minister Rishi Sunak’s insistence that we must press ahead with ruinous and unachievable Net Zero is, in these circumstances, clear proof that Net Zero has nothing to do with “tackling climate change”. 

Sunak will never call a halt to Net Zero as that decision is above his pay grade. As a levered-in WEF Davos placeman, his recent doubling-down on Net Zero coercions confirms his anti-humanity stance. He seems to have made most of his money by investing in Covid vaccine supplier Moderna who made $36 billion in Covid vaccine earnings to February 2023. Holding undisclosed shareholdings while signing off lucrative new mRNA vaccine deals with Moderna is “not a good look” says health analyst Dr John Campbell. See also this analysis (starts 8:00) of his suspiciously meteoric rise to wealth and power. 

Don’t forget Sunak’s COP26 statement that the Net Zero agenda is all about “re-wiring the entire global financial system“. That seems rather a stretch but hey, it’s sure to be handy for The Great Reset! His early UK business TCI partner Chris Hohn is a major funder of the wretched Extinction Rebellion. Sunak looks to be marking time taking care not to rock the boat until he gets the order from above to go ahead on the Great Reset. Trilateral Commission Starmer would be no different. 

Here in coolish Scotland, the SNP are trying to coerce householders into scrapping their existing home heating systems to install heat pumps which won’t work, with no requirement to check house insulation adequacy. They are also throwing away hard-earned taxpayer money on “reparations” to developing countries because they believe Scotland helped to causeclimate change”. Like the rest of the UK, we are disenfranchised on this vital issue because all the incumbent political parties are covertly signed up to the globalists’ undemocratic Agenda 2030/21. 

I believe that the war on farming and “nitrogen” being pushed by the unelected, unaccountable, out-of-control UN as part of its fake climate change agenda is deliberately designed to create global food shortages and impoverish the people, to the extent of causing major global depopulation. Listen to our farmers bewailing the politically-engineered recent tripling of the price of fertiliser. Look at how this junk science policy wrecked Sri Lanka, forcing the president to flee. 

The UN and WHO have form on such evil, through being at the centre of the globalist plot to use junk science, psyops and unlawful coercion to force the fraudulently-tested and toxic-by-design Covid so-called vaccines onto the people to maim, sterilise and kill tens of millions worldwide

Despite the ongoing medical carnage all round the world, e.g. NZ here and USA here, our lying overlords continue to take us all for fools by insisting that their wretched mRNA injections are “safe and effective”. In the UK they turn a collective blind eye to almost 24,000 excess deaths in England and Wales already this year to 6th August, only a tiny proportion of which have been attributed to Covid. Their stonewalling attitude to these shocking numbers and the high level of vaccine injuries shows that they are fully aware of their transgressions. As data analyst Joel Smalley says, dead people don’t lie

In this recent video introduced by Joel Smalley, Dr Mike Yeadon exposes all the lies we have been told about Covid. He is very well-qualified to speak out against what is happening as he has worked his whole career in the pharma industry. He explains why the Covid so-called vaccines are toxic by design, he debunks the false “safe and effective” vaccine mantra, he rails against the war being waged against the family and warns against acceding to any form of digital id. His video ranks with the dire warnings I’ve already linked to from Marc Morano, Reiner Fuellmich, Leslie Manookian and others. 

Testimony from the Covid “front line” is given in this video (from 15:45) by very articulate funeral director John O’Looney. He uses his insider knowledge to expose the evil that has been perpetrated and to relate it to the Great Reset and the establishment’s war against humanity. Particularly revealing (from 38:00) is how he and a group of scientists (including Dr Mike Yeadon) and others met in September 2021 with Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the powerful 1922 Committee. They presented him with detailed evidence that mass maiming and killing was being committed through the Covid jab roll-out but he said there was nothing he could do to stop it because it was “above his pay grade” – yet he hires and fires prime ministers. 

I believe that the disgusting war on children being pushed by the corrupt UN and WHO is deliberately designed to create anxiety and division and to weaken family relationships. This perverted sex education for very young children is just one strand among many that I won’t go into of their ongoing Machiavellian scheming to “divide and conquer”. 

I believe that our politicians are oppressing us through their war on cars in the arrogant belief that they have the authority to do so without any democratic mandate. The latest aggravation is the roll-out of a nationwide 20mph urban speed limit with no credible justification. Motorists are being forced to scrap perfectly good vehicles based on air pollution junk science and, in London, absurd “stunted lungs” hyperbole, political chicanery and downright highway robbery. Soon they will be forced to switch to expensive, user-unfriendly EVs based on climate change junk science. The insult to our intelligence is that EVs will at best save only minimal lifecycle CO2 emissions and any case the world does not have enough mineral resources to sustain this transition. 

I suspect that the tragic war in Ukraine was deliberately provoked by the USA and NATO and has very little to do with helping plucky Ukraine against evil Russia. Some say it is really a long-ago planned USA war against Russia, others that its self-harming sanctions, its adverse food and energy supply consequences and the sabotaging of the Nord Stream gas pipeline show that it is a USA war to bring Europe to heel. Who knows? Maybe it is just a distraction, another element of chaos in the run-up to the Great Reset. There is a huge disparity in the war reporting between the establishment-supporting mainstream media and sources of the independent alternative media

The globalists may soon try to unleash a new scourge which could be devastating for ordinary people if we don’t push back against it, namely programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) linked to enslaving digital ids and social credit scores. The latter are already being used in totalitarian China. Unaccountable central banks around the world are openly trialling CBDC technology, including the Bank of England with Sunak’s endorsement. Here is a WEF minion outlining how it could be used to oppress the people. President Biden has already signed an executive order to enable its introduction according to a former White House advisor in this video, transcript here

Further political scourges which I won’t go into include collateral damage from the Covid plandemic: the cost-of-living lockdown crisis, high inflation, high taxation, run-down high streets, looming recession and a dysfunctional NHS; the disenfranchising of the electorate on vital areas of policy; the capture of the judiciary and the war on free speech (see below); the chaos of out-of-control immigration while public services crumble and homelessness soars; the chaotic BLM movement and woke trashing of Western “white supremacy” history; pushing smart meters to facilitate the ulterior motive of “demand-side” energy rationing. 

The evidence for my epitaph assertions 

Evidence for my epitaph assertions is contained within my large body of campaigning work spanning the last decade and more. I’ve been sending emails to politicians for decades (the early ones without accusations of criminality) yet all I have ever had in reply is a boilerplate fobbing-off and never a credible rebuttal. As part of my epitaph, the appendix below gives a selection of my online work. The links are abbreviated as Joel = Joel Smalley’s substack, Rosie = The White Rose website, PSI = Principia Scientific International, Ed = Ed Hoskins, etc. I thank them all again for their support. 

My approach has always been to provide a synthesis of the work of subject matter experts. This has allowed me to comment on alleged man-made global warming without being an expert on climatology, on the supposed climate “solution” without being an expert on energy infrastructure engineering and on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic without being an expert on epidemiology. 

When analysing political skulduggery, common sense tells you that “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” – Bob Dylan. I just “join the dots” to draw the obvious conclusions. 

I’ll finish with a summary of why I know I’m right, concentrating on climate change as the Covid fraud seems to be in abeyance (bar Pirola variant fear-mongering) pending the looming WHO power grab of our national sovereignty which our treasonous politicians seem intent on nodding through, no doubt to be followed by the unleashing of “the next pandemic” or the imposition of a climate emergency lockdown

The main reason I know I’m right is that decades of bitter experience campaigning against the climate change fraud taught me that nearly everything we are told by politicians and the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media about climate change is a lie. That includes their lies of omission, i.e. the deliberate suppression and censorship of the truth. 

One of my past posts illustrated this point in the context of Covid: How the general public was kept in the dark over Covid. I used the Search BBC bar on the BBC News website to search for a selection names (including Fuellmich) and facts which went against the “official” Covid narrative but which were well known in the alternative media, only to find that they were all completely blanked out by the BBC. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time or the wherewithal to look beyond the corrupt, complicit mainstream media, which is why I say this is a “sadly intractable” problem. 

Most people still trust Google without realising that it has gone over to the dark side. For example, here is the UN Under-Secretary General for Communications openly admitting that the UN partnered with Google to get “approved” (i.e. fraudulent) climate change stories shown at the top of climate change search results, with “unapproved” (i.e. anti-establishment) stories suppressed to the bottom. The same skulduggery now applies on many other everyday searches. 

As for the corrupt UN IPCC, emeritus professor of risk assessment Norman Fenton recently debunked the disgraceful “95% certainty” pseudo-science used by the IPCC in its fear-mongering climate reports to politicians. The plucked out of thin air 95% figure is a monstrous lie because the IPCC cheats by only assessing alleged man-made influences on the climate, not climate natural variability in the round. In another short video, Professor Fenton exposes the obvious pseudo-science parallels between the establishment’s climate change and Covid narratives and reveals how compromised academics admit to lying to further the climate change scare, justifying it with the absurdity that “We all have to lie for the greater good”. 

In this short video Professor Fenton easily debunks the “lie built on a lie” junk science put out by The Lancet (of all supposedly reputable journals) that the Covid vaccines saved 20 million lives worldwide in 2021 alone. In contrast, Joel Smalley has analysed the data to show that 10 million people have been killed worldwide by the Covid jabs. Note the top comment under his post from my colleague Jaime Jessop: “… When future statisticians and historians count the total cost of the Covid debacle, it’s likely to eclipse all 20th century genocides combined …”. 

As for the corrupt UK Met Office, see how they lie to pull the wool over the eyes of the taxpayers who pay their salaries in my recent email to them (still no reply) copied at the end of this Jaime Jessop post

My Net Zero climate change rant exposed several Boris Johnson Net Zero lies. His lie that we are making good progress on Net Zero is easily debunked by official energy statistics which show that, 15 years after the legally-binding 2008 Climate Change Act, the UK has made hardly any inroads to reducing its dependency on fossil fuels. The minimal progress claimed to date has mostly been by unrepeatable one-offs (e.g. the Dash for Gas) and chicanery (driving industry offshore then disregarding the imports). 

The latest Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2023 reveals (Page 4) that “In 2022, the share of [UK] primary energy consumption from fossil fuels increased to 78.5% from 78.1% in 2021”. The fossil fuel dependency of the USA is 79% and for the world as a whole it is 82%. That suggests the UK decarbonisation progress over the last 15 years has been a mere 3%.

The paid-for mainstream media lies when it says that the world is making good progress in transitioning from fossil fuels to “green energy. The truth is that the so-called energy transition is a propaganda fiction. The establishment’s own numbers show it to be non-existent. The global growth of fossil fuels is projected to continue outpacing the global growth of renewables (mostly wind and solar) for the foreseeable future, despite the world wasting an estimated $1 trillion a year on them. 

UK politicians and the wind power industry have been lying for years about the true, unsubsidised cost of wind power. Thankfully their lies are finally being exposed by engineering reality. They are in disarray because the fiction of cheap wind power is central to their pretence that Net Zero is achievable at low cost. Pressing ahead with expensive, short lifespan, unsustainable, low power-density, weather-dependent renewables is certain to lead to ever-higher energy bills and prolonged blackouts

They must know this, so the only logical conclusion is that the true, malign, nihilist purpose of Net Zero is to impoverish, deindustrialise and ultimately depopulate. It’s all part of The Great Reset, in line with the Club of Rome’s judgment that “The real enemy, then, is humanity itself”. That decades-old Malthusian philosophy is now doubly unjustified as birth rates are below replacement level in many countries around the world. 

I would be delighted if someone could explain to me that I’ve got this all wrong and that our politicians are not bad, they’re just mad. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Independent Sweden is taking a more rational approach to Net Zero, just as they took a more rational approach to Covid by spurning lockdowns and facemasks. 

It is incredible that we are being assailed by lies, censorship and propaganda in a manner and scale seemingly modelled on the machinations of The Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984. The pending Online Safety Act legislation could criminalise the spreading of anti-establishment thoughtcrime opinions. Many have already suffered cancellation and worse for speaking out against Covid malfeasances. Employees face having their careers and livelihoods threatened if they don’t conform to nonsensical woke policies on carbon literacy and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Companies are threatened with being forced into bankruptcy if they don’t conform to nonsensical woke rules on Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) policies. 

Climate censorship applies not just to “climate change denial”, it even extends to scepticism towards the establishment’s unworkable “solutions to their climate non-problem. To cap it all, the Digital Services Act of the unelected European Commission is about to impose censorship across the global internet to enforce conformity of all online content to whatever political edicts they decide, on pain of punitive fines. No doubt the narratives to be enforced will include that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective” and that we are living in a “climate emergency”. It’s all truly Orwellian


To those who rely on the corrupt mainstream media for their news, I hope this post helps to make sense of the multiple political oppressions assailing us.  

As to my decades old hobby-horse of the climate change scam, I hope I have made clear that the Net Zero agenda is a monstrous, deadly dangerous junk science fraud.  

Thankfully Net Zero is starting to falter as more and more people cotton on to the arrogance and anti-human nihilism of those driving it. This is further exemplified by C40 dystopia, the plan to transform our cities and way of life without any democratic mandate. The chairman of this wretched organisation is none other than Sadiq Khan. It is the driving force behind the ULEZ schemes and is pushing outrageous targets such as just 44gm of meat per day and only two short-haul flights (no long-haul) every three years by 2030. A conspiracy theorist might even believe that the recent UK air traffic control flight chaos was deliberate. 

The desperation of the globalists shows in their frenzied unscientific attempts to blame imperceptible alleged man-made global warming for such normal events as occasional summer heatwaves and a few seasonally-commonplace wildfires caused by accidents, lightning strikes, fallen power line sparks, environmental mismanagement or arson, certainly not by spontaneous ignition due to any miniscule temperature increase. 

The UK government is even contemplating jail sentences for property owners who fail to comply with their Net Zero energy efficiency rules for building. Don’t forget that even if it were possible to eliminate the UK’s 1% share of global CO2 emissions, which it isn’t, that would have negligible impact on the global climate even if the unvalidated theory of man-made CO2 global warming were correct, which it isn’t. This is naked totalitarian coercion for a horrendous ulterior motive. 

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump has the right idea: DO NOT COMPLY. 

To anyone who thinks I’m a lone nutter, listen to the latest monologue from freedom-fighter Neil Oliver (GB News, 6pm Saturday). He bewails the appalling state of our society as it is steered by our politician puppets towards the anti-humanity tyranny of UN Agenda 21, much as I have described it above but with more insight and passion. 

Later in the same episode, Neil and his studio guests discuss how much oppression it will take for the people to rise up in rebellion. They conclude that conditions are not yet bad enough. 

To the “civilians” in this war, I hope you find my heretical epitaph a useful exposure of the malevolent, ruthless and crazed forces ranged against us. If you weren’t already aware, in the words of Neil Oliver, please “wise up” and join The Awakening, maybe as a “citizen soldier” to take on active campaigning. 

To all politicians who support the establishment’s psyops-driven pseudo-scientific climate and Covid agendas, I ask: Why are you siding with evil globalists in their murderous undeclared war against your own people? Come to your senses! Your “climate catastrophism“ looks like an irrational secular religion. Look at the comeuppance facing Nicola Sturgeon for her alleged Covid malfeasances, never mind her alleged “Burglar Bill” activities concerning the missing ring-fenced funds, never mind her complicity in the climate change fraud. These politicians are heading to end up on the wrong side of history. They need to switch sides now and atone for their mistakes by working with the people against the evil globalists who need to be swept away. 

Yours faithfully, 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 4 September 2023 

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