Writing Challenge May 2023 : We’ve Got to Stop Them and Your Help Is Needed!

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What are they doing to us?

They’ve injected the death jab into billions of people across the globe.

They’re putting their nanotech junk into food and other injectables.

They’re poisoning our air with chemtrails and manipulating the weather.

They’re blocking the sun and darkening the sky.

They’re poisoning the minds of our children with Agenda 2030 trash and gender nonsense.

They’re pushing us more and more into a digital trap where everyone must have a digital ID.

They want us to stop using cash and become dependent on their digital currency.

They want to lock us down in their 15-minute ghettos.

They want to stuff us with bugs and fake meat instead of letting us eat healthy, real food.

They’ve been lying to us for decades about ‘climate change‘, making us feel bad about our existence, so they can control us.

They’ve been evoking fear and using coercion to make people succumb to jabs nobody needed.

They’re pushing up energy, food and property prices, forcing us all into poverty.

They create fake problems to deliver us with their fake solutions.

And so on…

Writing Challenge May 2023

We need to stop them NOW. But how? Your ideas are wanted!

Write down your ideas in a few sentences—max. 200 words. Make it short and sweet! We will read through all entries and publish them in a downloadable PDF to offer for everyone to read and share for free!

Before you submit:

  • Write your own unique text
  • Stick to the topic
  • Polish your sentences until they can’t get any better
  • Check for spelling/grammar errors
  • Avoid swearing and indecency
  • We know that people get shot, hung, drawn and quartered, however, please don’t call for violence…
  • Use this word counter to make sure you haven’t crossed the 200-word limit: https://wordcounter.net/
  • Add your name or pseudonym beneath the text
  • Deadline: 31 May 2023
  • Submissions that don’t meet these criteria may not get published

Submit your text here using the title ‘Writing Challenge May 2023’

Images credit: Solari Toon