15-Minute Surveilled Ghettos Sold As ‘Neighbourhood Projects’

15-minute cities are ghettos that will control people and restrict their freedom of movement. They are part of the ‘great reset’ and Agenda 2030, issued by Klaus Schwab and others from the World Economic Forum.

However, those who want us to ‘own nothing and be happy‘, or in other words, who want us to be slaves while they themselves own everything, do not, of course, present their plans openly. The excuse for these 15-minute cities or towns is that they save the planet from climate change. We know now that the climate change they mean is nothing less than a massive fraud, just like the covid pseudo-pandemic.

Instead, they promote neighbourhood projects with all the friendly and positive terms you can imagine, in order to deceive people. They make it look like a 15- or 20-minute city is something great, while hiding their true intentions.

Examples here:

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Money is being diverted from existing council projects to fund 15-minute cities. If we want to prevent this, we need to get coordinated nationally.

Norfolk Evening News: https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/23500241.call-halt-western-link-work-20-minute-neighbourhoods/

(Richard Vobes/YT)